I really want to play Sansa more. :(

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I know, I know, it's me again.

Hello! Before I go into too much detail, I should say that just because I want to play Sansa more often DOES NOT mean this must be a Game of Thrones roleplay! I can do modern AU's, cross-fandoms, or any other alternate universes I'll list below. I just really miss playing Sansa. I want to play her more, regardless of whether or not it's within the world of Westeros she belongs to.

Let me say that again. This does not have to be a Game of Thrones roleplay. I can throw Sansa into most any situation and would love to try whatever you have in mind.

That being said, here are my requirements!

Annoying list of things I ask for:
  • YOU MUST be 16 years or older.
  • YOU MUST be dedicated. Don't reply here if you think you'll lose interest in our story.
  • YOU MUST put forth considerable effort into plot-building. Don't make me do most of the work. It should be 50/50.
  • PLEASE be adept/advanced or above in writing level. Bonus points if you send me a writing sample.
  • UNDERSTAND that I am a college student and may not reply for days at a time. Be patient. If I've lost interest, I will tell you.
  • NOTE that I'm only looking for 1-3 partners here. First come, first serve!
  • YOU SHOULD give at least three or more well-written, full paragraphs per reply, depending on the scene.
  • DO NOT reply here if you are only half-interested. I'm looking for people who aim for finishing roleplays instead of dropping them.
  • YOU MUST be friendly! I don't enjoy writing with strangers. I don't bite, promise! Skype is optional.
  • YOU MUST have excellent grammar and spelling. Give this post a rating if you read these requirements.
  • PLEASE NOTE that I'm not trying to sound prudish at all! I just know what will keep me interested and what my personal roleplaying pet peeves are, and I hate turning people away, so I want to avoid those scenarios if possible. I'd hate to start only to realize too late that we're not a good match.
Potential pairings and plots!

Below is a list of plots and/or pairings I want to try. Pink is a female role. Blue is a male role. Yellow can be either gender, or non-binary. * means I'd love to try this. !!! means I have a plot. Message me if you're interested.
NOTE: I want to play Sansa. I do not want to play anyone else. This doesn't mean I won't play more than one character, but if there's a pairing where you want to switch who plays who in regards to the main duo, sorry. I need time with my princess. :o
Game of Thrones
Sansa x The Hound***!!!
Sansa x Jon***!!!
Sansa x Tyrion***!!!
Sansa x OC*
Sansa x Daenerys
x Stannis***!!!
Sansa x Petyr!!!
I'm up for suggestions!

Modern AU GoT
Sansa x The Hound***!!!
Sansa x Jon**!!!
Sansa x OC**!!!
Sansa x Margaery!!!

Non-Game of Thrones
Ballerina!Sansa x ???*
Bookshop!Sansa x Drug Addict**!!!
Queen!Sansa x ???***
Student!Sansa x Bartender**!!!
Princess!Sansa x Knight**
Homeless!Sansa x ???
Politician!Sansa x ???**!!!
I'm up for suggestions!

Cross-Fandom Possibilities
The Walking Dead***
The Last of Us
The Musketeers*

Phantom of the Opera**

Time Period Possibilities
Victorian Era*
Modern Era*

Thank you so much for reading! PM or reply here if you're interested!


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