I really need some f/f!

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Medieval, fantasy, furry, slice-o-life.
Hallo! I am the broken wolf of Iwaku.

I love doing straight role plays and the occasional gay but right now I need some lesbian play in my life for sanity and balance. So! If you are interested pm me, but first read below!

What I expect of you:
Legible thought out sentences, I understand grammar mistakes, hell I make them! Just try to be coherent as I can easily slip into a partial dyslexia if I'm overwhelmed or drugged as usual.
If you can give me at least a solid paragraph, five to ten sentences I will be happy. Double that and I will love you. Triple that on a regular basis and I may get self conscious.
Post at least three times a week, I understand hiatuses but let me know please.

What you can expect of me:
Rather quick replies, at least one a day if I'm busy with school and work, more if I'm free.
Solid posts.
A good amount of plot twists and candies to keep things interesting.
Rather open to fetishes and kinks save for the more... Extreme things. Only thing I do that is really taboo kink wise is water sports but that is not necessary.

Possible pairings:
Rivals/close but closeted friends
Teacher and student
Furry/human in a very segregated world

I have a super special and secret plot, if you get this far the codeword is "Meek".
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