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  1. Hey guys,

    I know I haven't been here very long, but it may be time for me to take a break already. As some of you may know, my mother's been diagnosed with leukemia since this past Christmas, and her health fluctuates on a semi-regular basis. As her sole caretaker, it's my job to look after her and make sure ends meet, and they just haven't for a long while now.

    Her next round of chemo is tomorrow, and due to our circumstances, we're required to pay a large brunt of the cost upfront and out of pocket. The total amounts to $500, which is a staggering cost to us when we can hardly afford to feed ourselves properly. I've done what I could begging for pocket change and loans, but I've barely made a dent into that. I've even started a GoFundMe as a sort of last-ditch effort, which can be found here for the curious or exceptionally kindhearted (http://www.gofundme.com/aoxkcs). I'm not asking for handouts or sympathy, however, simply your thoughts and prayers, and whatever you may be able to spare.

    So, in short, I apologize wholeheartedly to those I've started projects with, and hope I'll soon be able to return to them. For the rest of you, I appreciate your time and consideration in reading this, and hopefully this will all blow over soon so that I can get back to having fun with everyone else.

    Thank you all for understanding,
  2. Good luck! ;____; I will send best wishes and good vibes for your mum and family!
  3. We're sorry to hear you go.

    Good luck with your mom. You'll be in my thoughts, though you never met me.
  4. Best of luck! I hope they recover as well as can be expected with Chemo. I have my grandfather go through the same thing...

    Come back to us when you can.
  5. I'm sad to see you go already, but I wish you and your mom the best of luck. You'll be in my prayers.
  6. Update!

    Just letting you guys know, my mother and I came into a recent string of good luck, and she's feeling strong enough to start heading back to work, today. If she does well today, I think I may be able to return to here on a part-time basis, depending on how she's doing. Thank you for all of your well-wishes! I'm looking forward to resuming the roleplays I had to postpone, and starting more with the rest of you!

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  7. YAAAY!
  8. I'm very glad your mother is feeling better, very good to hear it :)
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