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  1. Hiya, I am searching for people who'd like to do a one on one with me. Just a simple casual roleplay, though I am not unwilling to do a serious one on one.

    What to expect from yours truly: My posts tend to range from a paragraph to more or less. It all depends on what is going on. For example, if two characters are having a simple conversation, and nothing changes, or if it is limited in terms of interaction. Then, my posts may be shorter than usual. I do try and mitigate this by playing multiple characters. Also, my grammar is not a hundred percent perfect. So, I may sometimes misplace a letter, use a different word, etc. In this case, do let me know and I will correct the error.

    What I expect from you: Just the simple things. Such as manners, well roundness, for while I do love horror, even I will get bored of it, if I keep on playing that genre. So, someone who can play in different genres. And finally, patience. For sometimes, I will forget to post, or my alerts will not notify me of a new post. If this happens, do PM me, so that I do not simply sit by and unknowingly let the rp die.

    Grammar and punctuation are not important, so long as I can understand your post. Though, it would be greatly appreciated if the two were used to a moderate level. As for length, at least a paragraph or two. [If you can't think of anything to write, let me know. And I shall post, or double post so you can have material to work with.]

    And, communication. This is something I encourage, for most of the time. The lack of it, can cause both large and small rps to die. So, if you have ideas, or wish to notify me that life has thrown you a curve ball, and you have less free time to rp. Or, if you simply are in multiple rps and can't continue the one on one. Do not be afraid to let me know, for I understand. Life has it's twists and turns. And I can be busy myself.

    Anyways, moving onto my rp setting preferences.

    I do love canon, OC, or crossover style roleplays. Canon, for it's opportunity for me to play as my favorite characters, and try to think how they would react to a certain situation. Though, I will only do characters with which I have either a moderate or detailed understanding of them as a character.
    Darker Than Black
    One Piece
    Soul Eater
    Tokyo Ghoul -Still watching the anime, so I am not fluent in it's lore.-
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Hellsing Ultimate
    Akame Ga Kill -Just started watching the anime, so I may be a little bit shoddy with this.-

    Video Game
    Deus Ex
    Assassin's Creed
    Rainbow Six Siege
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Dead Space

    Suicide Squad
    Justice League
    Batman Beyond

    I do also adore OC roleplays, as it allows me to play as characters I have created over the years. And I am curious as to what you can make.
    Genres for OC roleplays [Can be mixed]
    Sci Fi

    Finally, my favorite. Crossovers. Basically, imagine if Spider-Man was in the Overwatch universe, or if multiple characters crossover with another canon universe. I also love multiple character crossover, but do let me know if you wish to only do one type of crossover. Or, if you wish to also take on multiple characters.
    Anime x Anime
    Anime x Video Game
    Anime x Comic/Cartoon
    Video Game x Video Game
    Video Game x Comic/Cartoon
    Comic/Cartoon x Comic/Cartoon
    OC x Anime/Video Game/Comic/Cartoon
  2. Hi Wanderer,

    My names Lunabelle, and I feel like our styles really match! Would you like to do a RP with me?
    I prefer to do original roleplays with action / adventure, fantasy, romance, or thriller / mystery.
    I have some ideas too, so send me a message if you're interested and we can discuss more! :D
  3. Hey! You still looking? I'm interested in doing something Undertale.
  4. IF you're still interested in Tokyo Ghoul please feel free to send me a PM! I'd love to think something up. c:
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