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  1. For years the bond you had with him was said to be unbreakable, undeniable, forever lasting; was that the truth? He said he'd never leave you - even after death. Until they finally came..

    【An hour earlier】

    Running, heavy breathing, words that came from his mouth was supposed to be comforting. Seyo held your hand tightly as he lead you on through the snow. His eyes were filled with worry but he continued to give you comfort. He tried to make you smile again. It only worked briefly.

    "It's ok, 【Y/N】, it'll be ok. I promise. We'll be back home. Back in our warm bed. I'll hold you close and never let you go. Just like I said, remember? Remember?" His voice remained calm and he refused to stop now. Not here. He could feel them closing in on them and his golden hues began seeking out any sort of escape route. They were going to be cornered. They were both going to die. Here. The figures who pursued them sought to kill Seyo and for three long years, they had decided to make their move. They wanted nothing to do with the girl.

    Within seconds, a figure landed in front of Seyo and by instinct, the boy released the girl's hand, pushing her away so she wouldn't get hurt. At the same time, he ducked under a shining sword that swung his way. He veered around afterwards and swiftly withdrew one of his pistols. He lifted up the weapon, simultaneously pulling the trigger. Bang. The body dropped to the ground. As soon as one fell, another figure appeared to his right, bringing his leg up and kicking Seyo dead in the gut. A shout of pain slipped out of his mouth as he fell to the ground.

    The attacker came in for another blow, only to have it blocked by the boy's arm. The force still managed to knock Seyo onto his back into the snow below. Closing in, the figure reached in to grab the boy but all in vain. Another gunshot rung through the air; this figure had been shot through the chest. Another body fell.

    Quickly, Seyo got back up, his golden hues losing its bright glow. He was distressed and didn't feel like himself. The boy's joyful spirit was slipping away. He pulled out his other pistol and took a stand as yet another mercinary leapt down with blade in hand. The two locked into battle. They exchanged blows and drew blood, the white snow below being stained by the blood of those who fought. Seyo had only wanted 【Y/N】 safe. That was his drive through battle. That was his purpose for staying alive. But how long was this going to last? All you could do was watch every agonizing second of possibly seeing your lover collapse lifelessly onto the ground. It was only a matter of time.

    The tables turned when Seyo had misstepped, causing his opponent's blade to run straight across his chest, drawing blood with ease. Still, the boy refused to fall. It hurt and his painfilled expression would soon cease. He grabbed onto his opponent and forced him down, pushing the end of his pistol up against the man's chest and pulling the trigger; the third body fell. He thought that was it. He thought that was all who came to seek him out.

    He thought wrong..

    He looked over towards you with hopeful eyes and you almost ran over to him with eyes that wished so badly not to cry. You were cut off abruptly. A figure had so quickly rushed towards you; one lasting mercinary that had been waiting to strike. The man's blade came up and aimed directly for you. Such speed would be enough to take down anyone in an instant.

    The sound of piercing flesh and blood dropping to the ground was all that filled the air now.

    You looked up. Warm tears began running down your face now. Your heart shattered. In front of you was Seyo. The metal blade pierced through his chest and crimson soaked his clothing. His weapons; gone. They were far from where he stood. The boy had dropped everything just to try and save you. He succeeded; but for what? Before him was the mercinary who wore a mask of white. He jerked out the blade and looked towards you before turning and vanishing; leaving the site completely. You were left with Seyo.

    【Present time】

    Collapsing to the ground, he writhed in agony and began to cry as well. The pain jolted through his body and blood continued to pour from the wound in his chest. Seyo called your name multiple times between breaths. You quickly came to his side, holding him in your arms. You called his name out a couple times and told him to look at you. When he did, the glow his golden hues had were no longer there. Blood stained his face and his warm tears only washed some of it away.

    Still, he smiled.

    "I... I told you.. I'd never leave you.. Even through death. I won't die. I won't.. I refuse.. 【Y/N】.. Tell me I won't go.. I-I don't want to.. Not again." His voice cracked and his eyes tried keeping to her's. Seyo was capable of regeneration but with panic flooding his veins, his life was beginning to slip away. The only chance for him to make it was to somehow get him to calm down. Would it be enough though?

    "Seyo! Please, look at me! Don't look at them, look at me! Trust me, I'll make it all better.. You'll be ok.. We'll be back at home, in our warm bed where I can hold you and never let you go.. Seyo, c'mon, smile. Just a little.." You said, placing a hand on his cheek. His breathing was ragged and his sense of emotion began fading. You had to do something. Anything. It didn't matter. You were willing to do anything to save the one person who loved you just as much as you loved him. How?

    •Be very descriptive
    •thread or pm
    •If you prefer character sheets, tell me
    •play it fair
    •I want this to make me cry :D yes, you heard me!
    •Have fun!
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