I Pressed The Red Button

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  1. Since I can't really think of a way to introduce myself... I will make my character sheet...

    Name: That Nerd With Glasses

    Age: 18

    Friends: Shiyoumi

    Roleplaying Status: NEWBIE

    Relationship Status: ???

    Celebrity Crush: Ciara, Megan Fox, Cado (from green hornet), Yasu, and Reita (from the Gazette)

    Gender: Undefined

    Current Residence: Japan

    Occupation: Author, Editor, Student

    Likes: Anything with a blade, pocket monsters, chains, anime, whips, the name Diana, books, studying, a good debate, difficult challenge, chess, college, straight lines, The Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Avatar the Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, The Art of Blind Fighting, Free Running

    Dislikes: Mean-spirited people, being dominated... in anything, idiots, opinions based on ignorance, pink things, sweet things, things that aren't organized, American History

    Special Skills: I can play badminton... and chess... and draw...

    Languages Spoken: German, Japanese, Swahili, English

    Home Town/Country: Kenya, Africa

    Ethnicity: 87.5% African 12.5% Native

    Native Tribe: Blackfoot

    Desires: Wish I was Japanese... they are just so pretty..., I want to be a famous Author some day and live in Japan... Maybe marry a Japanese person

    Personality: Nerd...Maybe a little boyish? Silent (aside from this), Observant, Not very emotional, deceiving as far as looks go... maybe I'm a little bit harsh... possessive...

    What I like in a roleplay: TWISTS, realism, romance is good even if its kept to minimum, Weapons..., Geniuses, battles of the mind, I like Steampunk, fandom (I'd love to do an avatar (the last airbender) fandom), Sciency stuff

    What I don't like in a roleplay: I'm not especially fond of what people call one liners... But It could grow on me... I'm not really a western settings fan due to my lack of experience in that overall area

    This isn't really the most formal introductions of I've done, but it was fun. P.S. I pressed the red button... does that mean people will come out of a box and welcome me... or will the world end as we know it... or will nothing happen? (like when a magikarp uses splash)
  2. *Magicarp used Splash*

    Welcoooome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. This looks almost like it was copied straight from my facebook page! Are you my other half? :O

    Welcome to Iwaku! People here are pretty awesome. And they like blades too :D I hope you have a pretty awesome time here!


    So happy you're here ^.^
  4. So you like the name Diana, huh....

    *^_______^* Heee

    Welcome to Iwaku! 8D
  5. How thrilling! There's an admin with the name Diana *Faints*