I popped a pretty big cyst

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  1. So yeah, I had a large, deep cyst in the inside of my left pectoral. It was a pain to pop, and it constantly felt like it was taking my breath away in a literal sense. So now I took the needle of a Liam Neeson button and stabbed through, noticing it didn't hurt in the wound itself, and just



    I managed to sink the entire needle in my chest. I think I might have poked a lung, even. The radius of the button is about the width of your pinkie finger.

    No pain.

    Guys, I'm scared
  2. Any of you wackos gonna join in on the cut-yourself-for-Bieber-trend?

  3. I wonder if he'll start doing Reggae.

    I would pay moneys [size=-4]steal it from the internet[/size] to bear witness to such an event.
  4. It was cyst, not a homoerotic statement of disapproval.
  5. Sounds like you don't take very good care of your boobies. I worry what the rest of you suffers from.
  6. I read this thread as you pooped out a pretty big crystal. I'm disappoint.
  7. You must have an immature sense of humor.
  8. No sir, you would be quite mistaken.
  9. Well, then I am. On that note, I am sitting here with a pin stuck in my chest and it doesn't hurt very much at all.