I Only Want A Family.. (Transgender Character within.)

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  1. So, as the title says, I'm craving a cute little role-play, focused around the adoption of my character Lily, with (Y/C) either being a mother, or older sister to her. (I can accept an aunt/ cousin, etc.) This will not be incest. It will be dark at times, perhaps overly so.. But.. I know it's basic, but it is hard to define a plot without both characters worked out, IMO.

    Credit goes to my friend, Exmedic for drawing me Lily.


    Born on December the 24th 2002, Liam is the shy and quiet sort of chap, much preferring to be in the background and not intervene in things going on around them. This is primarily due to his lack of self-confidence, not helped by the fact he harbours a naturally shy nature, lacking any form of assertiveness at all. This is due to the fact the young child was often shifted from foster home to foster home, never really settling in anywhere for very long. With just one exception.

    Only one person ever did attempt to help and support Liam. Her name was Rosie, and at 25 years old, she had discovered she’d never bare any children of her own. The news broke her heart, and she no longer felt like she’d ever have a family. Untill she found Liam walking home from school one night, lost and alone, scared and hungry. She felt the need to help him and took the young child back to the orphanage, where an idea struck her.
    Become a foster mom.

    At the recommendation of a worker, Liam and Rosie were paired together, and all seemed happy. The woman was as loving and protective of Liam as a birth mother would be, and though she’d spoil him often, she brought him up to be a loving and respectful young man, with a big heart. She even managed to get him out of his shell in public situations, an accomplishment previously thought impossible by others.

    He’d been living with her for nearly two years, and permanent adoption was well underway. Unfortunately, just two days prior to the official verdict, the young woman was kidnapped before Liam’s eyes, causing him to become an emotional wreck for months afterwards, and nearly silent for the best part of 6 years, hardly uttering a word to anybody unless he needed to do so.

    Thankfully after this, Liam didn’t end up in abusive or neglectful homes, but none wanted to deal with what they saw as a troubled child. They didn’t understand he couldn’t attach himself to anybody, scared of losing them like he did Rosie. They thought he was cold, unloving.

    Dreadfully frightened of thunderstorms, he doesn't really like to be left alone during them, and will usually remain wide awake and terrified when alone, not able to sleep through the noise or the sudden bright lights. As such, Liam often remains awake all night, crying in fear and a need to be back with the mother who loved him.

    Liam wants to be known, and identify as Lily-Rose, knowing he was born into the wrong body. To Liam, he is, and should be a female, not a male. Caught when trying on the dress of a foster sister, he was sent straight back into care by the father of the family, a strongly religious sort of person.

    Unfortunately for Lily, this news got out fast. Now the centre of ridicule and bulling both in school, and in the safe house, he has been forced to act like Liam once more, much to her dismay. All she wants is to be who she truly is, and to have Rosie back, the only person she ever called “Mom”.


    Limping up the almost empty rain soaked streets, Liam wiped away the tears from his face, ensuring no more blood remained under or around his mouth in the process. He'd been set upon by a pair of classmates on his way home from school, in an attempt to "get rid of the gay!", as they put it. He knew he looked a mess, shirt torn and splattered with mud and his own blood, a tooth knocked out. His nose had been bleeding, and his glasses broken, leaving a cut in his nose. It hurt to put too much weight on his ankle, and he was almost positive he'd dislocated it...but he couldn't face up to the reason WHY he’d been attacked, feeling too ashamed to do so.

    Earlier that day hadn't gone too well either, with Liam making a fool of himself in front of his class..

    /"Being born into the wrong body can be one of the worst things a person may ever have to face. Physically or emotionally. The struggle to accept yourself, and thereafter to be accepted by others.

    The hate faced by others towards you, just because you want to be who you truly are within. The comments, the spiteful behaviour, the kicks. The punches.

    Who you feel you are. Who you have the right to be. You all get to have that human right. But I don't. Because wanting to be a woman? That's "wrong" in your eyes. "Disgusting", "Evil"..."

    Shaking with emotion, Liam's tear-filled eyes had run back over the words on the paper in his hands as the words passed his lips, hoping that someone... /Anyone/ would take the words he spoke and think again about the actions they undertook. The words they spoke. But he doubted it.

    "You deserved it. I'm glad it happened to you!" A voice, deep and rough, had broken through Liam's speech, drawing attention to the newest speaker. "Freaks like you deserve it! Too bad you weren't killed!"
    A few cheers had greeted this acclimation, mingling with a few "Yeah!"s or "FREAK!"

    With that, Liam had ran from the classroom as fast as he could, looking to hide underneath the bleachers, where it was quiet. The rain had continued to thunder down upon him, drenching him, but he no longer cared./

    He needed help now, from anybody. Spotting a small, local store, he took a deep breath and entered it. He’d heard some students talking about it, saying the staff were always professional and kind to them when they went into there, but he didn't know that, really.. He knew it was probably just them being kind to make more money, but… Maybe someone.. staff, patron, passer-by.. would help him.

    “Help me..” Liam’s voice was soft and frightened, the footsteps of his assailants coming behind him, knowing full well that they had followed him up there. People were in here, so maybe they’d leave him be…
  2. Ooh, I have a couple of trans woman characters I can do this with!
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