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    Snow covers the town with a veil that looks like the garment of a thousand fallen pigeons, outside the temperature is crazily low and the sky is not as white as day, it is dark and grey, it had no remedy. Winter was clearly there on all of it's might and, said the broadcasts news from the radio, it wouldn't rest anytime soon. This was known as one of the worst winters people had seen so far.

    In the streets there lies thousands of buildings with apartments, and inside of one of these a young man looked out the window, sighing as he rested his head in his hands, looking outside with a glimpse of expectation as if he awaited for something to happen outside that would fix any of the problems going on trough his head.

    He observed quietly, his greyish blue hair almost covering his face, his heterocromic eyes simply gazing at the black veil outside the window which used to be streets, it looked like the north pole outside. His pale skin and his thin body gave out that he wasn't all that sane, but as soon as the radio went off once more, he turned to look at it curiously, he neared it, lifted it up with his thin hands, hit it softly, and the it turned on again.

    "You don't feel so good today, do you?" he asked to the small machine, like it were to respond "I just hope he gets here soon ...I really need a new roommate... I hope anyone read the newspaper today..."
  2. The young man shuffled through the snow. It was ungodly deep. He sighed, and huddled into himself. He wished he could fin a place to just sit down and get something hot. Maybe even read the paper. If memory served, there should be a cafe near by. With a violent shutter, the young man began trudging through the snow once more. Why did it have to be so COLD!?

    Finally- thank the gods- he made it to the cafe. The young man began to unbundle himself from his coat and scarf, dragging his boots on the floor so he wouldn't track any moisture into the cafe. He ordered a coffee and muffin, and picked up a copy of the local newspaper before sitting down. He was glad he'd managed to find his way here; it was very warm, and cozy. He'd have to remember to frequent this place more often.

    As the youn man munched away at his treat, he scanned the paper for anything of particular intrest. His thoughts weren't all that focoused, however. He was a little distracted by thoughts of his parents, and how they'd insisted he move out by next week. The young man sipped his coffee sadly. How was he supposed to find a place to live on such short notice!? The young man blinked, and almost burst into laughter. What was this, some kind of joke? Right here, in the paper, was an add for a roomate. He grinned, and folded the newspaper. The adress was only a few blocks away. The young man collected his things and set out.

    Soon, he had reached the apartment stated in the add. He hesitantly knocked on the door.
  3. The young one jolted and ran trough the door opening it as soon as he managed to get a hold of the knob, finding a young man behind it, his eyes went narrow and he gave a dim smile. hardly even a smile, a try, a good try of one. He greeted this young man "Are you... Here for the roommate poster..?" he asked, his voice weak enough to be a child but he looked old enough to be in high school.
  4. "Uh...yeah..." for a moment, the young man wasn't sure what to say. The young one standing in the doorway looked...stange, to say the least. Or no, tired...tired was a much politer term. "I just read it today. I wanted to know if the position was still open..." the young man scratched his head. 'I mean, if it's allright, you think I could look around and as a couple of questions? Just to make sure the conditions are...alright..."

    'and make sure you're not a weirdo...' he thought to himself
  5. He blinked and smiled, nodding at him"Yes, it's still open" he smiled widely "You're much taller than me..." he mumbled almost glad, and moved out of the doorway opening the door entirely for him to come in "What is it you want to ask?" he asked as he watched him walk inside "The place isn't very warm and I don't even have a working radio but the rooms are alright..." he said and pointed at the kitchen which only had a "bar" like bar that separated it from the living door, the place was neat and almost welcoming, but cold, the walls looked freshly painted and the carpeted floor was soft, almost fluffy, which gave out that the carpet was probably new, the small radio in some music station playing.

    "There's not much to do here... Oh. The room I'm renting has it's own bathroom and hot water from time to time..." he explained "Also it has a window looking at the outside, just by mine, the hallway is over there" he finished explaining as he pointed at where the hallway was.
  6. The young man followed the boy into the house. The conditions would be a HUGE stp down from his old home. Especially with the cold. Cold nights could be dangerous. To make matters worse, there was no consistant hot water. But, he had limited options... "How much is the rent?" he asked at last.
  7. "Rent ....Around a ...hundred dollars or less, I pay most of it, so don't worry if you ever have troubles with money" he smiled kindly "I have a warmer set on the room which I rent so don't worry about the cold nights." he almost answered to the man's thought, then proceeded to enter the kitchen and opened the fridge "But I have to warn you, come here, see these small bottles on the side? Don't touch them or they will be contaminated, if you do so, I will ...Probably die, so please refrain from ever opening the box they're in, 'kay?" he smiled and pushed the crystal box to the back of the fridge. "If you want to move here, please bring a couch" he joked.
  8. The young man's eyes shot up. Only a hundred bucks!? That was amazing!

    he nodded slowly while the boy instructed him not to touch the bottles...whatever was in them. "What kind of medication is that?" he asked. "i mean, not to get personal, or anything, but I'd like to know, if it's alrigth. i wouldn't mind helping." The young man grinned a little. "What's your name?"
  9. The young one blinked silently "It's nothing you need to know of" then heard the older man ask for his name his expression changed to a happier one "My name is Ripley" he nodded "What's yours?" he asked, as he closed the fridge and walked out to the living room where they first where which led to the doorway as well.
    He offered him a seat nicely, there was a small table there, with only two chairs, he probably didn't have many friends around him, or people at all.
  10. Ripley...that would be awkward...The young man grinned in emberassment. "I'm Riley..." he took the seat Ripley offered him. "just a few more questions...or rather, is there anything you think I should know about this apparemnt? Any history or repairs?" Riley thought for a moment. 'you aren't alergic to anything, right?"
  11. "Uhh... Not that I know of, no. Just don't bring any sharp objects near me please." he smiled, eyes closed, he looked frail and his clothes were probably only adding up, maybe in reality he was very thin, or maybe bigger than he looked, he then blinked and looked at the door "The door is closed in key after 10 a' clock, to avoid any robberies, and no, no story, I've lived here alone for four years now, nothing weird ever happened." he smiled once more and looked back to the door.

    Odd. This kid looked young enough to only be 14, 15 years old or so.
  12. "Why would i bring sharp objects?" Riley asked, surpriesed. he got a sudden chill up his spine. Was this even a good neighbourhood? Riley thought for a moment. "Umm...how old are you?"
  13. "I'm 19, you?" he asked, leaving an uncomfortable moment of silence between them in which he seemed completely confused of what was going on. "Oh right I guess I forgot to mention that, I'm a college student, but I don't ever go out of here, I have a condition named Agoraphobia, I don't want to explain tough, I'm just smaller than my age"
  14. Agrophobia? That didn't sound good. Riley'd never dealt with anyone who had a phobia before. "I'm also nineteen." He said, shifting uncomfortably. 'Um, listen...I've never really known anyone with a phobia before, and I know you said you didn't want to talk about it, but, I just wanted to know if it's very serious, or if there are any other sicknesses I should know about?"
  15. "No. It's not that serious" he commented and handed him a small piece of paper "If you want the room, you need to sign this, well, when you move, because the building owner is not very heartful" he smiled "it's Agoraphobia, it keeps me inside the house, that's all" he turned away and then back at him "I think you should go seek any other options if you want... If... This isn't what you were looking for".

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    Riley nodded slowly. It didn't sound too bad. It was pretty common to be afraid to leave home, Riley'd just never learned the technical term.
    ...or met anyone with the condition...
    but still, it just meant there'd be a few extra things to do. Like getting the mail. At least, that was what he assumed. "Well...I don't really mind. I was just thinking." Riley thought for a little while longer. "I think I'll consider this place...would it be alright if I came back tomorrow?"
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    He nodded brightly, but this time he didn't smile "Yes, do so please" he requested of him, quite incapable of holding back what relief he was actually feeling, not being alone in the apartment anymore. On his own and always on the lookout, unable to go outside at all.

    He then motioned Riley to follow to the door "By the way, if, if you want... the room? Could you not bring pets that could be noisy? They're not allowed in the building, that's all."
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    Riley had assured Ripley that he had no pets. He took the sheets, and bit the boy a fare well, ensuring that Ripley that he would reply three days from now, the latest.
    Riley spent those three days looking for other places to live. He had no such luck, however. Places were either too far from school, had HORRIBLE roommates, or were already filled with another applicant. Riley sighed. He'd have to take Ripley's offer. Assuming no one had taken it already. And besides, Ripley didn't SEEM bad…

    Riley made his way to Ripley's apartment. He knocked on the door slowly.
  19. It took a while but the door opened and as soon as the small one caught a glimpse of Riley's face, he opened the door correctly, and smiled weakly "Hi, had no luck?" he asked in a very soft tone, like he had just been awoken, he blinked and moved out of the way letting the man come trough the door, stepping back into the living room where the table was and inviting him to sit down.
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    Riley chuckled. "W-well...I wouldn't say that..." he took the seat Ripley offered him. "Anyways, is the position for a roommate still open? I have the papers filled uot, if you want them."