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Hiya! I'm Hotspot, I am a big fan of anime and video games. I am very new to Roleplaying, although I am sort of familiar with it.
At first I didn't like rping because the rp forum I was on the admin was bossy and didn't let me rp the way I wanted to.

But then recently my friend wanted me to rp on her forum, in which I did. And I liked it, and everyone loves the way I rp. Because I post songs and images so you get more of a feeling of being in whichever world it may be.

I had this rp idea, but everyone on my friends forum wasn't interested. So I thought I'd look for a rp forum that would be interested in my rp idea! And here I am now!

Hi hi Hotspot! I'm a big anime/video game fan too. Uuuh actually I think prolly most of us here are. This is a great plce to rp, and I like your style, posting pics and music along with what you write to help atmosphere. I'll throw in a pic sometimes, but I never thought of tossing in some music too. I think Asmo has done that before though...

Anyway I look forward to seeing you around, seeing your rp ideas and maybe writing with you sometime. We're a pretty diverse lot, you'll hook someone!
Welcome to Iwaku Hotspot~ I'm Zypher one of the roleplay mods here and the fountain of useless J-Pop knowledge! If you're looking to join a game or if you'd want to find a good partner just let me know! There's a lot of great games going on right now that you could join!

Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have~
Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, it seems like alot of people here are into alot of the same things as I am.

Yeah, I look forward to it!

I'll ask if I do have any questions ^^
lols TZS you know that comment would be taken down on youtube from the owners video ^^

anyway welcome to the Iwaku be careful of sector 3 because a level 6 warning is now in effect in sector 3.

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Welcome to the Iwaku~
*gives cupcake* hope you enjoy your time here.
Oh I know. But I was just so floored I was the first person to greet a newcomer I had to celebrate somehow!

Soooooo Hotspot... this rp of yours: I'm not pushing! I'm just curious. Whatsitgonnabe? I mean if you wanna keep us all in suspense I suppose that's ok- just ignore me I'm frequently caffinated. But since this is our getting to know you thread, I thought I'd ask. What's your favorite genre to read/write/rp?
The music/image combo's always a good one, and you'll find that there's always some folk interested by game ideas on Iwaku, no matter what it is.

Chuck up a Roleplayer's Resume if you haven't already, just so folks know what sort of games you're interested.

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...Nope, still not getting him. Maybe one day.
Thanks for the welcomes!

Erm okay, I'll be careful with sector 3 o.o

Thanks for the cupcake, I love cupcake!
There is no Sector 3.


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Yo Hotspot! Welcome to Iwaku mate! I know I always enjoy images and music in posts, not that I do them myself! :P I'm sure you'll get along smoothly here!
Welcome to the site.
Thanks for the welcomes!! I somehow missed a few posts O_O

Well as I said, I had started the rp on my friends forum; but no one was interested. So far this is what it's about, I am thinking of adding more to it though.

It's a Fantasy Rp where just about anything can happen and any character can be in it.

Here's the story and some of the concepts.
The main character Kai (who is based off of me) is fighting a monster in a gloomy dungeon, he has no idea what he is doing there but he continues to fight a monster. But then after more enemies appear, more allies appear Eventually one ally appears known as Hyeungi, after he saves the characters from a monster. Another odd monster comes and kidnaps him
My character Kai and another character Arxetrex run after the prison cage and try to shoot it to slow it down, but this prison cage was very fast and the two lost him. So from there, The two go on an adventure to find him!
Since they were in a dungeon, they don't know where they are; so they eventually find a way out and find out they are in a strange world they haven't heard of called Ibipoff. But they start finding out that many people are actually being kidnapped!"

Here's how it goes, each character has a main long range weapon (Like a gun or bow and arrow) and a main close range weapon (like a sword or spear) However the character can also use other weapons, as long as it makes sense and they can use it properly. For example a nativ tribes character can't go "screw my bow & arrow! Imma gonna use a gun!" cause the character wouldn't know how to use a gun and probably shoot an innocent bunny by accident. However if it were a character that is a master of long range weapons then it would be acceptable, it just has to fit the character. If the character is based upon yourself then it would be any weapon you think is cool.
Also weapons are mostly created by the person, not many types of weapons are sold in stores. But by combining a weapon with another weapon or an item and using some magic it can create something new!

Chackram, Throwing Knives, Fans (japanese fans), pick axe, Nail gun (It shoots out fake finger nails! It's my very own invention), Book, Anchor, Ball, Doll, Trumpet, Wrench, Disk, Boomerang Chackram, Graveryl (See velvet from Odin Sphere), Dice, Shot (like a small metal square that you throw, see chrono cross), Sling (an ancient weapon used to fling rocks), Kadenma, Cards, Scizzors, Balloon (of course must be magical!), Yo-Yo, Wieght (sure don't want to get whacked in the head by that!), Egg (see Anastasia from Shadow Hearts 2), Spoon, Spork, Swallow (see chrono cross's Serge or Suikoden Tactics Kyril), Leg Contraption(weird thing I saw on an anime girl once, she had this thing hooked on her leg and it had sharp sword things pointing out o_O), Throwing Hammer & or Axe, Pots & pans, Grapple, Gear (to throw!), Anvil, Katar, Bag ( an ordinary bag), Poison powder, Javelin, Blowgun, Phone- that shoots electricity out (my own invention), Broom, Cannon, Sai, Trump~ Fire lance, Fireworks, Fire loop (kind of like a ring of fire), A giant wood block (see Joachim from Shadow Hearts), Tonfa, Spike ball, Net, Card shooter, Black Eggs, Fly Swatter, flashlight that shoots out a laser, Flower, Jarts, Gem Blaster (it shoots out jewels!), Bits Sword( a magical sword that breaks into tiny pieces and the pieces shoot out at an enemy), Taser, Amei Piercers, Banana Peel, Umbrella/Parasol, Rake, Rubber Band, Slinky, Karingi (shooter of everything, it can shoot anything you want it to! From daggers to chairs!).

Magic is unlimited, you can do anything with magic! You can levitate chairs or shoot fire out of your hands! Or you may like to teleport or fly even!
Magic is known as Kitra in Ibipoff & another world called Tosofom, some Kitra come naturally by itself. But the rest you have to buy at a magic store.
There are types of Kitra
Kitra= Magical spells you can learn and buy at a magic store.
Kir= Are automatic and come naturally.
Kere= Is like Kir but no one can learn the same kere, everyone else will learn their own Kere.
Kirkergaurd=Are special weapon attacks learned after using a weapon for a certain amount of time.
Kirta= Rare Kitra, there are very few of the same kind of spell.
Also everyone that learns magic will automatically have the spell called "Magic Glitter" which is a spell that shoots out magical glitter, it's an attack and it attacks one enemy. There are more variations of this spell, but this one comes first. So everyone will have this spell!

You can also use magic from any other game too, from runes to mana eggs! But they have to come from another world!

Everyone has an affinity for something!
There is elemental affinity, Yin & yang affinity, weapon affinity and Celestial affinity.
Elemental Affinity is the affinity for elemental magic, everyone has an element they are best at and one that they are good at. The rest they are okay with.
The magical elements are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and lightning.

Yin & Yang affinity is Light or Dark, so basically is your character better with holy magic or darkness magic?

Weapon affinity just means is your character a magican, a fighter or in between? There is Attack ( fighter type), Magic (magician type) and Attagic ( a fighter and magician type of character)

Celestial Affinity is an alignment with the stars, there is the Sun affinity, Star Affinity (is in between) and Moon affinity. These affinities are unkown on what they do (cause in reality I never figured out what they would be for XD)
I was thinking of adding more to the story.

Also some of my favorite games are Suikoden, Kya Dark Lineage, Chrono cross. I love RPG games and Action adventure games.

My favorite anime are D-Gray Man, Scrapped Princess, Bleach, Naruto, Hell Girl, Elemental gelade, Kyo Kara Maoh!, Rave Master, Soul Eater and Inuyasha.
I like action adventure anime, fantasy, mystery, psychological thriller's and Yaoi anime's.
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Hello and welcome to the site! XD There's a big variety of roleplayer styles around here, so there's no right/wrong way to roleplay. Even your three admins all roleplay different ways. >:D We should be able to find you some fun a compatible roleplay partners! A lot of members looove doing the music/pic combo for posts (I know I love seeing them, I'm just too lazy to put them together. XD) Definitely fill out the Roleplayer's Resume if you haven't! That's how we stalk members to know what they love to play so we can hook them up with good games. >:D

....By the way I am your friendly neighborhood Diana. Well known for over usage of smilies and exclamation marks.
I'm Rory, but since I have Name ADD, I tend to change it whenever I feel like it. One of the other admins of this forum. Welcome, enjoy your stay and don't feed the Ikes.
Rory Didn't claim to be be my boss!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the welcomes! What's an IKES BTW?