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  1. Paragraphs! That's right, I said it, the dreaded p word! Not many people are interested in creating lengthy posts, and I understand that, but I happen to be one of the few who adore writing long, descriptive posts. No offense to anyone, but one paragraph just doesn't work for me. I have a four paragraph minimum, and am looking for someone who believes they can match, or surpass that.

    Me as a partner (open)
    As stated, I can write anywhere from four to...well, a limitless amount of paragraphs, and will always give back what I am given. I can be aggressive with storylines, throwing in plot twists and turns, but I always ask before adding in something major to a story.

    I am a female in real life, and generally play female main characters, and will only play a female character in a MxF pairing. Sorry, but I cannot be a romantic male no matter how hard I try to put my mind to it. However, I do play tons of side characters of all genders and orientations.

    I try to post at least once a day or twice a day, and can post more if time and my kids allow me to.

    I'm fairly good at letting my partners know when there are times that I cannot post, and usually warn people if I get bored and want to drop.

    I'm fine with all content, with the exception of incest, extreme age play and abuse.

    I don't expect perfect grammar, but please try to make an effort.

    I don't mind OOC chat at all, and love bouncing ideas around. I promise, I don't bite. :)

    What I am looking for (open)
    Someone who can post at least three, decent sized paragraphs. More is always welcomed of course!

    Someone who doesn't mind playing male characters without doubling.

    A partner who contributes to the story, and is willing to add things to the plot.

    Someone who can play multiple characters without a problem.

    Someone who can post at least one every other day. As with paragraphs, more is always welcome!

    Decent grammar.

    A sense of humor! Please save the drama for the story.

    Characters and Plots

    Kara Evans Age: 17
    Plot: Sister x Brother's Best Friend
    Personality Traits: Sweet, Shy, Innocent, Artistic, Loyal, Intelligent

    Looking for: Brother's Best Friend
    Age Range: 20-22
    Personality type: Bad boy

    Madison Andrews Age: 18
    Plot: Best Friend x Best Friend
    Personality Traits: Outgoing, Expressive, Easy Going

    Looking for: Best Friend
    Age Range: 18
    Personality Type: Open

    Adeline Templeton Age: 22
    Plot: Pen Pals (Letters)
    Personality Traits: Serious, Loyal, Nurturing

    Looking for: Penpal
    Age Range: 22-28
    Personality Type: Open

    Jaelyn Prichard

    Age: 21
    Plot: Rich Girl x Thug
    Personality Traits: Conceited, Spoiled, Bitchy, Intelligent

    Looking for: Thug
    Age Range 21-25
    Personality Type: Open

    Return of a Princess (open)
    Jocelyn Turner Human Form (open)

    Elven Form (open)

    Plot: The daughter of a political marriage, Jocelyn is the only child of the queen of Windmorrow and the King of Emberzen. The marriage was doomed to fail from the start, the king cruel and bent on world domination, and the queen simply living to keep her people hidden away from the human world. When their child was born, the queen decided that the only way to protect her daughter from being used as a pawn to gain access to her kingdom's resources was to hide the infant away in the only place her father would not think to look for her; the human world. Disguising the baby with an enchantment that kept her powers and true form hidden away until her eighteenth birthday, the queen switched her infant daughter with a human baby, taking the baby back home with her while her daughter was raised by a human family. She grew up unaware of who or what she was for the past seventeen years, but her eighteenth birthday is quickly approaching, and the enchantment is beginning to lose it's power. Knowing that her daughter would be vulnerable after her eighteenth birthday, the queen sends one of her most powerful guardians to the human world to gain her daughter's trust and bring her back to Windmorrow.

    This is the start of the story. The guardian is disguised as a human as well, and sent off into the human world to retrieve the princess, and explain her identity, while also teaching her about her powers which are beginning to awaken. He is not only her protector, but her teacher, and guardian. He is by her side day and night, keeping her from unwanted company, teaching her the ins and outs of noble life, and protecting her from those within the kingdom that wish her harm, along with her father's men who attempt to kidnap her to return her to her father's kingdom. Along the way the two fall for each other. However, because of his position as Guardian, a relationship between the two is forbidden. Will he give everything up to be with her, and still be able to protect her from those who wish to do her harm? Or will she take it upon herself to try and end the discrimination within her kingdom so that they can be together?

    This is all I have at the moment. I will add more whenever I come up with new ideas. If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM or drop a line on here. :)

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  2. Still looking for one more rp.
  3. Still looking.
  4. Hmm, I'm interested in BestfriendxBestfriend.
  5. Alright. I'll PM you. :)
  6. I'm interested in the Return of a Princess roleplay if it is still open for a partner.
  7. It is. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.

    Still have room for one, possibly two more.
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