'I Need Your Love' (Soul Mate Stories)

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  1. in a world where a soul mate is more then just a soul mate they are you life and death. everyone is born with a soul mate. to Vellins of the world to Supernatural beings. but the problem is you need to find your soul mate.

    whos your Soul Mate

    small things you need to know about me and the rp
    one i am very bad at gremmer I know that please doing do anything spelling as well im on my kobo so it does not really help at all.
    i got this idea out of love songs 'need your love' 'summertime saddness' 'adore yo' ect
    ypu need to tell me what type of person you are like villen super hero aniti hero supernatler human. ect age also does not matter soul mates are not all born at the same time. but you can put it down
    you can have more then one soul mate it has happen
    some mates can smeell there mates some can sence them so can just know they are there mate but only males can tell who there mates are

    so now lets rp
    name: Clare Lavender
    age: 18
    race: human
    clothing: (i cannt put her out fit in my writing you dont have to do this yu also are alowed to us a picture) long red paries like coat under is a small black dress. she waering a black paries hat. long knee high boots tights under her dress and inside her boots.

    Clare was walkng in the park like she always does on a saturday night. her long brown hair with purple ends was blowing in the wind. her green eyes shining brightly as her lovely smile. she soon found a nice seat to sit down. as she sat her phone ringed. "hello?...... oh hay Dark..........oh well how is you vampire life to you too...... haha I know i Know dont hurt me please....... whats worng?" she frown and then gasp Darks boyfriend was hurt and may not live and since hes her soul mate. "Dark Please dont make sure hes ok I dont want to lose another friend please" she said with sadness lased in er words. her day changed for the wprst. "Dark?Dark!? DARK!?!?" She yelled her friend was no longer on her phone. Clare started to cry silently head down hair cloer her face
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  2. Name: Brendan Merriweather
    Age: 20
    Race: nephilim
    Clothing: black skate shoes, black jeans, white t-shirt and a leather jacket.

    He made his daily walk through the park, off in his own world, when he hears the sound of crying through the park. He closes his eyes and senses his way to the park bench, he looks at her and scrapes his throat. "Excuse me? A-are you okay? I couldn't help but notice that you are crying, and it's quite late.. I-uhm-I don't mean to intrude or anything."
  3. Clare looked up when she heard someone speak to her. "I I'm scared my friends is going to die if her boyfriend does not get better" she cried even harder. Dark and Clare has been friends since they where little even though Dark was a vampire. Dark meet her boyfriend. her soul mate when they where in high school. Dark hit it off with him and Clare became friends with him as well.
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  4. He looked at her concerned, and decided to sit down. "I'm sorry to hear that, is there anything I can do for you?" He smiled slightly, but kept his distance.
  5. she shoked her head. "You did much already thank you" she said getting up she gived the man a soft smile. "thank you" she said softly and walked slowly away with her head down
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  6. He got up and stopped her "wait. Let me walk you home, it's not very safe this time of night. I'm Brendan." He smiled and looked into her eyes, knowing that all she'd see is the white glow they gave off.
  7. umm thank you" she said nicely. "nice to meet you my names Clare" she said holding out her hand for him to shake.
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  8. He shook her hand and looked around. "Lead the way?" he said with a smirk. He started looking down realising that she probably would think he's a weirdo for trying to interfere in her business, and the fact that she was human was a little unsettling. So far so good though, to him it didn't seem like she was afraid of him.
  9. "so what is a Nephilim doing around here you got to have a story" she smiled it was her job to know diffrent types of races in the city she was a peace keeper there are not the police there just people that helps with the races understand. thy give them what they need and welcome new people here
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  10. He looked up shocked "I-uhm-I was just walking.. I really shouldn't bore you with my story, it is nothing special.. How do you know that I'm not human?" he narrowed his eyes for a minute and then smiled "you work with different races.. Aren't you affraid?"
  11. Nope al thought in the begaing i was but I know that not all of them are bad" she said "just need there soul mate" she looked a head walking to her aartment. "one time I meet this cute little girl she was from the Elf race she mad friends with a a boy three years older then her and he was fromvillen race it was so cute and at that momment I though to my self "Clare lets make this world a better place with people being friends with everyone" and here I am but I tell you villen race are not all that bad they have there bad momments but not all the time they just want to be noticed." she smiled sweetly "oh sorry Im blabbing i dont mine to I just Like Ill shut up now" she blushed lightly and looked down to her feet walking
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  12. He smiled and nudged her playfully "don't look down, your face is too pretty not to be seen. And it's good that you believe in others.. There should be more people like you, it would make the world alot easier." They kept walking together as the night moved along.
  13. she smiled and looked up at him. blushingly she said "thank you that was very nice of you your not bad looking yourself." soon noticed her house up ahead. "It seams Its time for me to go" she said sadly.
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  14. "Thank you, that means alot." He smiled and looked up "aww, no fun. Will I see you again?"
  15. I would love that" she smiled at him "want to meet at the same place but first I would need to go to see my friend first" she said with a small smile. "I hope she alright her mother is probly there and crying her eye balls out" she said softly tears threat to fall from her eyes. "anyways meet you at 5 pm?" she said turning around when she reached the srtep of her home.
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  16. He stops her and gives her a hug "don't cry, it's gonna be okay. I will see you at 5." He smiles and let's go "sorry.. Just thought you might needed a hug."
  17. she blushed lightly "thank you" she said huged at him back with a smile. "See you soon Brendan" she said letting go and walked to the door unlocking it.
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  18. "See you soon" he said as he turned to walk off into the night
  19. she smiled ad walked into her appartment and sit her stuff down with a smile then walking to herbedroom she grabbed her stuff toy to fall on to the bed crying herself to sleep.
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  20. He felt that something was wrong, but unsure how to handle it he decided to wait close to her house. You could never be to sure these days, and so he waited.
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