I need voice actors right Meow. Or people interested.

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong placce. So i'm doing an assignment for school, and the assignment is to add sound to one of our previous animations. I could do all the voice work myself, but i'd like to incorporate a few different voices. Here is the project I'll be adding the sound to:

    Okay. If this is something you are interested in, I have the lines I need spoken at the end of this post. You could record the audio, and PM me so we could exchange emails [I guess that'd be a good way to get the audio files?]. If you don't have a quality voice recorder you could use your webcam or phone, just cover the lens up. I don't want to see your shit. I'll give you credit for your voicework at the end of the video. You could tell me what name / alias / or whatever you'd like to be credited as, in case any of you have legit outside voice actor reels or whatever. Otherwise I'll credit you by username. I really want to do some animation stuff with this site in the future, whether it be animating peoples short stories or poems. So even if you can't / won't participate in this project, if you'd be interested in future stuff that'd be cool too.

    Anyway, here are the lines. Record a few of them, record all of them, do whichever ones you want. Also, don't worry about matching the dialogue to the text in the animation, i'll edit those to fit whatever audio I receive. I need audio files by monday night. So if you have free time till then just turn on your mics and get weird.

    In your best Bear Gryls, Steve Irwin, tv show host voice say, "And now, I'm going to eat this hotdog."

    Proceed to make noises as if you were shoving a hot dog down your throat.

    Make up a word and say it assertively.

    Make those noises the cars in the jetsons make.

    In a robotic voice announce "I've come to save Earth."

    Say zap as flamboyantly as you can. Like: Zhayp. ZHAAAAAAAYP

    In a robotic voice say "Just kidding" then proceed to laugh robotically.

    Announce that you are programmed to destroy humans and be a dick about it. Also in a robotic voice.

    Say a bunch of gibberish in a silly voice. If your familiar with the sims, emulate them. Somewhere near the near the end of your gibberish, clearly say the word: Kaiju.

    Say thunk repeaditly, or another noise that sounds like punching.

    Say "You Saved us" as optimistic and innocently as you can.

    Say "Don't do it Frank" as loudly as you can. Yell that shit even.

    Say "Be the bigger man" as if your friends life depended on it.

    Make a licking noise, then promptly say "Noooooo", but really stoically. Or in some other humorous fashion.

    Make a song out of just Beeps and Boops.
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  2. Question. Will you be selecting the best-fitting snippets from various voice-actors, or are you hoping for a single top-notch audition?
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  3. I'll use clips of everyone who submits something, but yeah probably the best clips they have. Otherwise no, i'm not expecting anything top-notch.
  4. I think I'll pull something together then. Sounds like fun!
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  5. That animation was great. I'd love to help with some voices.
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  6. Great animation! My voice sucks, so none of that from me, but you're really talented! :D
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  7. awesome. Like I said, try to get the audio files to me by monday night. if you guys want to send them via email, you can pm me and i'll share that with you all.
  8. Or you can upload them to a youtube video. That would work just as well.

    I basically slept through Sunday, so here it is. Sorry I couldn't get it done earlier—if you're still working on it, it's there for you. Not my best work, but it's not like I'm a professional anyways.

    I used vocaroo because I don't have time tonight to do the emailing. There's a download link near the bottom.
  10. I'll get some stuff ready for that during the week always wanted to try something like this XD
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  11. Awesome.

    @Silvir I'm actually attaching the voice files to the video tonight, because the project is due tomorrow. I want to do similar projects in the future however, so if you're interested in voice work i'll keep you in mind.

    I also just discovered that while I can animate decently, i'm pretty bad at audio editing.
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  12. @Holmishire

    Your silly voice is great, haha. The Don't Do it Franks and the Be a Bigger Mans in particular.
  13. Oh gosh I should give this a shot sometime this week! >D I have a lovely mic! Why not put it to more use! XD
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  14. @Holmishire

    I think it came out weird in all the right ways.

    Awesome voice work too man.

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  15. Thanks to everyone else who expressed interest too. Sometime in the near future i'd like to turn some short stories / poems on this site into animations as well. So i'll keep you all in mind for voices in future projects.
  16. Well, if I can figure out how to record this and find a place to upload... I may have something within the next forty hours.
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  17. Aw yeh.

    I forgot to mention it, but that scene the robot's stepping on and zapping people is my favourite part of the animation.
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