I need to vent.

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  1. Okso this girl im dating has this exboyfriend that tried to use her for sex and stuff. Today she posted a bikini pic and he called her beautiful. It pissed me offso i told him off. I love her butseriously im a jealous girl, i hate seeing guys or girls flirting with her. It just pisses me off she hangs with the dick bag still. Help me out guys.
  2. Idk what's up with that, but from my knowledge it could be lingering feelings for someone, or that guy's effort to pull her back into that again. In either case, you may wanna look into the situation a little bit, and if it starts harming you, your girlfriend, and/or someone else, then it may need to be addressed accordingly. Sometimes there's a whole ton of "behind the scenes" things going on, which may or may not be a problem depending on what they are. As for the jealousy thing, don't worry, it's actually quite common with relationships XD (I've been on both the spectators, and the person being jealous's end), as long as you don't let it get in the way of your better judgement it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  3. Well i actually solved it. She admited that the other day he almost raped her so i went down my street to his house and broke his nose , arm, and two ribs. I may only weigh 112 and measure up to a height of 4'11 but my dads an ex Bouncer, i know shit lol
  4. Welp, I guess karma did its work well, hopefully this stuff doesn't crop up again, XD but glad it's resolved for now at least.
  5. Lol it wont crop up again hes in jail now awaiting a sexual assault charge
  6. Just in the future, if you need to vent make sure you put it up in the counseling section, or you can message me privately :) glad it's resolved, though!
  7. this is an awesome story, no one filmed you beating him up? I'd love to see that!