I need to RP...badly.

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  1. Hi ^^'

    I haven't Roleplayed in a while and I miss it! I'm really up for anything except for Horror & Scifi. I could try Scifi. I guess.

    So onto other things~

    I write a fairly well length paragraph, I attempt to be a man of the skirt rule: "Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting."

    I tend to play male characters more often but I could play female if you like. I'm more of a passive kind of player in this ball park, though my characters can get a little tough and cocky. Only if that's their personality. Tough characters can have their blush, shy moments so be prepared to get one with my characters if you act up. I love furry or anything with animals so if we could do anything with animals then that'll be great! Talking in 3rd person is more of a go than 1st person only because I use "I" a lot so. You are welcome to write in 1st person but if you'll be more comfortable with me using 1st person, I'll try.

    That's about it c:
  2. I shall take you under my wing, good sir 83
  3. I like the skirt rule. I'll play with you too if you're interested!
  4. x3

    It depends what you're into, would you mind giving me some suggestions? o:?
  5. I'll do pretty much anything. I have a really well developed character and I like throwing him into all kinds of situations. I'll throw him into a whole other world. Sci-fi, modern, medieval you name it. Romance, Gay, hetero. Anything goes. He doesn't like animals though so I don't know how well he'd do with Furry. But honestly, anything goes over here. I'm open for all.
  6. Veeeeeeelllllll

    I'm pretty much open to anything so long as it isn't incest, pedophilia, or something furry. Even if it's like, a fandom you're a part of that I have no idea about, I can do research. It won't kill me XD; (but it might kill you, pfff)

    I prefer to talk out ideas, though. Not the type of person to be controlling XD;
  7. ^^ I see.

    I was kinda tossing around an idea where we were stranded somehow (boat crash, plane crash, flood covered most of the land, whatever) and creatures I guess you'd call em, that kinda looked like this: [​IMG] Or something like that. And we'd need to hide out somewhere and where we hid out is kinda like the main location for their "spawning". So say we hid out in an underground temple or something and they'd "spawn" in the temple. o3o

    Not very good at plots xD
  8. Sounds like a good plot to me!

    "oh my god that's scary." Meet Matt. He makes comments all the time.
  9. And hilarity ensues

    I like it 83 I'm curious about what the creature would be like, too. Like, can they be domesticated? What do they eat? How many years do they live for? What are their powers?
  10. It was the first thing that popped into my head xD

    Hello Matt! Nice to meet you!
  11. Well I guess they wouldn't be able to be domesticated since they spawn in that one area, ya know? They eat anything that moves, and they live for up to 200 years ^^. Well they're shadow monsters, darkness based powers/abilities. Shadow blades and stuff c:
  12. "I'm all about listening to these freaky creatures get...freaky... unf..." He's being sarcastic.
  13. Paha x3
  14. Mmm well how many babies do they have, then? And how big is the area? Because a thing that lives that long, I feel, should only have up to like, 6 babies. Otherwise, it'll overpopulate the area and then the beast will die out
  15. Biology for the winnnn!
  16. Actually they only have two. They're kinda like sharks/pandas. Only one child survives ya know. So like, the offspring are born down deep withing the temple/cave system (it's kinda like a really big maze with large rooms and big cellar like room way down deep where the children are born.) The children are born and have to either fight or find the mother, can't really decide which, and whichever offspring wins, gets to grow up be it male or female.
  17. Okay, makes sense then. 83 But yeah, I don't mind doing this one. Or, if you want, I can suggest a different idea seeing as Melia is here too
  18. Sure! I don't mind :3
  19. I'm cool with this one. I'm also cool with group or one on one so whatever works! I'm heading off to work here but I may be checking back on my phone later, depending on how busy or slow it is. :)
  20. ^^ Okay, see you later~