I need to role play!

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  1. I am so bored, and I've got a few role plays going, but most have died.
    I really want some more role plays.
    I've posted ideas before, but no one seems to like them, so I'll just give you a general view of what I like, and what I don't like.

    What I LIKE:

    -Romance!! (A must in my role plays.)

    -High school

    -Real life









    -Harry Potter!!

    What I do NOT like:



    -Pure sex (I've tried it before, I need some story!)

    -Dr. Who


    -Playing males

    -Vampires (WELL, anything sparkly like Twilight. I like REAL vampires.)


    Okay! That's a pretty big list, but I felt I needed to get it out there.
    As for my requirements in a RP partner, look below!

    -Must use correct grammar/spelling/punctuation as best as you can.

    -Must be able to post AT LEAST once a day. (
    Preferred if you can do more than that.)

    -Someone committed. As in- you won't quit in the middle and leave me hanging.

    -Someone who will let me know if they become bored, or if they need to quit the role play.
    Please keep me updated! I don't mind if you become bored or quit, but it DOES bug me if you don't TELL me!
    (Plus it's rude)

    I have a few ideas for most things I listed, but if you've got an idea, give me a shout!
    I'd like to hear them- but that doesn't mean I'll want to play them.
    If something doesn't interest me, I'll tell you, but don't give up!
    We can also plot together~

    I prefer to play female, but I can/will double up if you'd like, b
    ut I expect you to do the same for me.
    I can play gay males, but I'm not too good at straight ones.

    If you figure out something to play, or once we do, please fill out this cs:

    Appearance: (Images please. Can be anime, a doll maker, anything.)

  2. I know you said that you don't like vampire like twilight, but would you be interested in a vampire rp if it's not like that?
  3. I would. As long as there's romance.
  4. Ok, will this is the plot that I have. So tell me if you like it or not, if not that's alright. :) Also my grammar and stuff isn't the best, but through rps it gets better, so I hope that's alight ^^"

    Vampires need a save place to go too, don't they? A place to relax, have some fun. That is without the worry of slayers popping up at any moment. That was the reason this night club was built. After all, being a Vampire in a big city isn't easy. No human is said to ever find it, on accident at least. With slayers getting closer and closer to revealing the night clubs true identity, the owner decides it's time to hire new help.

    I don't mind who plays the owner if we do decide to use this plot, and I'll play male. :)
  5. Okay, well, I also had an idea, if you want to hear it.
  6. I was thinking that my OC's school has a masquerade, and she meets the vampire there.
    He's a new "kid" at her school, and he's good looking and mysterious, and she falls in love with him,
    but she doesn't know what he is.
  7. I can think of a few things that are pure fantasy based, as in "use your imagination cause I like to make shit up" fantasy :D if that's fine with you?
  8. Sure, I don't mind. Throw me your ideas~
  9. Well, I'd like to get something like steampunk/Victorian based. With magic and machines and all. Not gonna lie, I don't have a full plot, but I'm working on it ;p
  10. Okay, I don't know much about steampunk honestly.
  11. Steampunk is just modernized things that are still like the old fashion. Including steam or coal, or whatever they used before. I don't know how to explain it to be honest, but I can send you a link that explains it simply. Not some long ass thing.
  12. Sure, that'd be nice.