I need to fill my sudden lovins!

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  1. Just as the name suggests. I am in need for romance! OwO

    But not any kind of romance, a dramatic and perilous journey to prove this said love.

    So, sorry this is short and low in description, but basically...

    The journey begins

    in a small elven village, (Where the scenario is very much based in a Fantasy world) where two little youngins fall in love, and have to undertake a challenge in order to prove their devotion to each other.

    What I'm looking for
    Is surprisingly anything, I never really cared for gender, however I will be playing as a girl, because I suck with men o-o. But they do have to be in the Elven age of 17-21. Which is say... The proper age limit for this challenge. I have never done based like this, and I've finally gotten the guts to admit I want to try this out!

    What I'm Not looking for
    Anything too deep in the Smut category, at most, the curtains will be drawn and a fast forward to dawn.
    Psychopaths! Although I do enjoy your average sociopathic killer, I don't really think that'l fit in here. owo

    All of the above is just preferences, and I'm pretty much open to anything! :D
    But no Smut! D:<
    That stuff be nasty
    No offence :3

    One last note: Much more will be added, this here is just a quick rundown.
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  2. hmm...sounds very interesting, would you mind if I joined?
  3. I was literally about to have this thread taken down.

    But uh, I think I could do this. It seems a little unprofessional, I posted this right around the time I got back on Iwaku after leaving for about a year, so I was just a little bit too excited. >w<

    But if you're interested, I could elaborate in a conversation, just send something to me if you are.
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  4. ok sounds good to me
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