I need subjects to paint.

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  1. pls be gentle...

    I mean, I could draw my own characters, but where's the fun in that?

    Note I'm not particularly reliable. I may or I may not get your request done. I get distracted easily and frustrated even more easily when drawing. It's the number one reason why I don't take paid commissions. Make your request with this in mind!

    I'm offering some experimental portraits! Mostly I prefer to draw female or feminine characters because that's what I'm comfortable with, but I'll also try beasties and maybe some men. They're just not in my comfort zone. I just like painting lips and eyelashes and cute, soft features. :E

    Here's an example of my art:


    (and some more here)

    But since these are ~experimental~ there may be some differences.

    Request form:
    Name of character:
    Visual reference: Much preferred. If no visual reference, then...
    Detailed physical description: I'm talkin' super detailed and I request a certain degree of artistic freedom.
    Personality: Important!
    Other: If you have anything else to add.

    dat's it
    again, I cannot guarantee I'll get to your request, but I will try. 8)
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  2. Name of character: Valentine
    Visual reference:
    Personality: Valentine is a mischievous, but cunning young woman who is often underestimated due to her lackadaisical behavior. Although she has a habit of skipping out on regular chores, she's been the main force behind several, successful battles in the past, slaying foes with her powerful magic and helping strategize. When interacting with others, she tends to be quite teasing, and can at times agitate people when she goes to far. If she genuinely cares about the person she's offended, then she'll apologize. But if she doesn't really like them, she won't bother. She's quite picky with friends and people who she goes out of her way to interact with.
    Other: You don't have to draw the outfit if it's too complicated. You could just draw her in one of the window sweaters like your drawing above!

    Thank you so much for opening requests! Your art is cute and lovely!
  3. Dude, I'm game to toss you a model. <3 I can offer multiple to choose from, if you're not against it! Do you have any body types or anything you prefer to draw?
  4. Ooh! I like the style! I'm interested, but no worries if you aren't able to get to it!

    Name of character: Celes Pettigrew
    Visual reference
    Personality: Soft-spoken and demure. She tries her best to make others feel comfortable and happy, and gets excited when others give her such hospitable treatment. She's a doter and a worrier, and has a very motherly kind of affection. Cries a lot. Has body image and self-esteem issues.
    Other: She's trying her best to be a seamstress and is very interested in fashion! Surprises with outfits are welcome if you get a muse.
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  5. @Panne
    GOSH that character is a cutie! I love her hair and think I'd have a lot of fun drawing her!

    @The Mood is Write
    Nope, toss me multiple models! Any body types are fine :D

    WOOOW what a cutie! I haven't had a chance to draw a character like that before hot dang
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  6. Oh lawd, you walk a dangerous line. 8D Let me uh... just... Would you be ok with me sending you a link to another site? :x
  8. Awesome! You should be able to see everything. I'm sorry about which specific site it is. :x The list is on there because that site has a really really active art community. 8D;;

    Guest Authentication | Gaia Online

    I'm not even done putting all my characters on there. *sob*
  9. Wow, great stuff! It'd be cool if you could maybe do one of my characters?

    Name of character: Evanescence Neptune Ouroboros
    Visual reference: Pixel Mockup
    Detailed physical description: Female, about 15 years old. She's about 5 feet tall, and weighs slightly less than a normal person. She's not really muscular or toned, but she's in good physical shape. Her skin is very pale, almost white. Neptune has bright green (see mockup for shade), waist-length hair that is neatly combed. A purple camisole, a black pullover, and a light blue skirt comprise her current wardrobe, along with a nice set of black shoes and white stockings. Her eyes are aquamarine. A small nose? I'm not sure :D
    Personality: She's curious about everything, but tries hard not to let it show. So she might look like she's gazing intensely at something?
    Other: She shapeshifts! So if you wanted to you could even add something like fangs or cat ears, but I'd be happy with just a standard drawing. ^^

    Thanks so much for offering to paint characters!
  10. She's a precious jelly roll, too pure for this world
  11. I really like your drawing and I would love it if you could do one of my characters

    Name of character: Cyrus Renken
    Detailed physical description: 18 years old, 5,8ft, his skin is a little place but not too much, his hair is white with highlights of black and is messy and generally swept to the left and a little bit long, his eyes are purple with a little bit of black, he is thin but muscular at the same time if you get what I mean, he wears a black denim jacket over a white shirt, his sleeves are cuffed just under his elbows and he wears bandages on his hands, he wears black ripped jeans and boots, you can make the boots any color you want, he also wears a silver chain wich has a purple jem in the shape of a fire
    Personality: he is really friendly and clumsy always thinking of enemys as his friends, doesn't think before he speaks kinda like luff from one piece but in battles he gets serious which allows him to use the KaitoSan, a soul inside him that is the embodiment of evil (he is a good guy) that can boost his already incredible power infinitely but if he stays like that for 10 minutes it breaks down his body, with his brother and team he won countless battles so he is somewhat cook.

    His skin is pale not place
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  12. @Panne
    I've started painting your gal! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Here's a lil WIP for you (so I'm more motivated to finish it)...

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  13. Hi! Thank you so much for drawing my character! She looks beautiful so far! Your style has really done her justice!
  14. Wow these are pretty amazing! If you're still taking request, I'll post something by tomorrow ^_^
  15. @Greenie
    yeah, go ahead and post a request! :D
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  16. Yay! Okay, this is a new char I'm using for a rp here ^_^. If more details are needed, I'll give them.I don't actually have a visual reference for her though.

    Appearance: Shireen is not too tall, standing around 5'3 tall. She isn't the dainty sort, being big boned and somewhat muscular from living life on a ship. She weighs something around 130 lbs. Her skin may have once been fair, but at the moment it is tanned with freckles on the bridge of her nose and across the top of her rounded ruddy cheeks. She has a rather straight but short nose that compliments her rounded face. Her darker pink lips are not too wide but neither are they thin, and more often than not they are curved in a smile. As for her eyes, they are a cyan in colour, much like the ocean, framed by thick dark lashes.

    Her hair is a mix of different colours, all mostly shades of brown, the most permanent shade a burgundy. It tumbles down to the middle of her back in messy waves and curls for the most part, tied back into a pony tail with an old grey scarf.

    As for her clothes, Shireen leans towards the practical. She tends to wear tunics of different colours, usually reaching a little over her knees with slits to the side that reach her hips so that movement isn't restricted at all. There is a no nonsense brown leather belt that is cinched highly around her waist. Her sleeves are usually rolled up to her elbows, revealing a tattoo on the inside of her arm, a couple of blue and white waves.

    Below she wears trousers made of dark materials with pockets on both sides for convenience. She wears dark brown leather boots on her feet; rather battered looking but comfortable as well.
  17. Hey @Opal , you still open for requests?
  18. @Arcadia
    Feel free to post yours! I can't guarantee I'll get to everyone, but I like looking through everyone's characters. :D

    Your description is just fine!
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  19. Name: Everlyn
    Reference: [​IMG]
    Personality: Everlyn is fiery, compassionate, and very flirtatious. She never backs down from a challenge and is always trying to stick up for what is right! She does all she can to keep a very orderly control of her life, but there are some areas where she lets others control her. Loves meeting new people, and is always up for trying new things.

    I hope I am not too late!! Your art is so great Opal!!
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