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  1. Hey ya'll Huntress here.

    I'm not going to get too detailed with this. I just finished school for the year and I'm not doing much. I've been itching to do some good roleplaying. My second semester had me barely able to breath so now that I'm free I wanna get back into it.

    At the current time I don't really have any ideas, all I know is that I need to do something! If you've got ideas shoot me a PM.

    As a fair warning, do not come to me with any slice of life type role-plays, real life bores me, I don't come here to write about real life I wanna experience something fun and adventurous.

    I consider myself a decent writer, typically a couple paragraphs, if i'm really into it I can keep going.
    You send me one liners then you probably won't hear from me again.
    Decent spelling and grammar is always nice. In the end, if I can understand what you're trying to say then we're all good.

    With all this free time I will be posting often, probably pestering you too post to, I suck like that but I try not to bother people, at least give me a post a day, if not every other day should be okay. Don't make me wait for like three days or a week.

    I can do MxF and FxF. Can't do MxM so don't ask me. Typically I prefer the female character (if we're talking MxF) but that doesn't mean I can't play a man.
    Gore: Good to go
    Swearing: Good to go
    Mature content: Pretty much good to go

    Things that I'm interested in genre wise?
    Horror, supernatural, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi and even modern day things.

    I think that sums it up pretty well. Hope to hear from some people soon.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)
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  2. Well color me interested! i am super up for post-apocalyptic! Hit me up with a PM if you want to RP with me ^^ I will be on every day, and i should be able to reply to you within 30 minutes if i am online, so dont worry about waiting too long ^^
  3. Sweet mother of the demons. I like your style. I try to be on every day and answer multiple times a day. If you have an idea for a plot or like to let it unfold as it goes I can go either way.
  4. If you're still looking for a roleplay partner, I'd be happy to join you in a story, I do usually play my rps out as life rps, but I personally dont throw them under 'slice of life' I try to keep constant surprises, plot twists and comedic relief for tenser moments, but if you're not interested, no worries. I'll be around if you want to msg me. ^_^
  5. Just a little BUMP

    Shoot me a PM if you wanna work on something.
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