I need some more role play's.

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  1. While I have quite a few role play's that I love! I am in need of some more role play's. I would like someone who is more long term, and can reply at least once a day.

    Right know I am currently craving to play my own Gender. While I love me some good Yaoi. I miss being my own Gender (Which is Female).

    I honestly don't have any "Plots" but I don't mind people shooting me a PM and we can plot something out. :) I would also like some one who can give me more than a simple few lines. :)

  2. I'd be happy to roleplay with you. If you don't mind doubling. I do have some stuff Here
  3. are you still looking for rp partners?
  4. Sure have any thing in mind?
  5. well it depends when i was on here i did alot of master x slave (MXF) rps but it all depends if you want that type of rp.
  6. Care to Pm? We can try and plot something?
  7. sure send me one im about to go eat something brb
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.