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I Need Some Fluffy Cute Romanceeee!! (>*___*)>

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Artificial Sugar, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. I am really in need of some cute fluffy romance and I just reeeeallly need it.

    Requirements (open)

    ~~Please have decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation use~~

    ~~Please be able to reply at least every other day~~

    ~~Use third person please ~~

    ~~Be willing to play the male please ~~

    ~~Lemme know if you're not gonna be able to reply for a while or if you wanna quit~~

    stuff ill do (open)

    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    The Hobbit
    Dragon Age

    Stuff i wont do (open)

    Toilet play (pee, poop)
    Doctor Who
    Non human

  2. ok... I like dragon age
  3. I would love to do a zelda thread
  4. Yea, that'd be intersting
  5. Uhh, guys? This is MY request thread, so.... Why are you making plans to do role plays on it? If you guys want to role play together, you should discuss it in PM. It's kind of rude to do it on my thread.
  6. Hey guys/gals/other, this is Severusx's thread, as she said take it in PM.
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  7. oops! SOrry!
  8. Hey. I have a old Harry potter CS I can do for you :P. I am up for Yuri or Straight... I haven't done a Yuri Libertine Rp before so... I can Rework my CS after you see it and you can make the decision which you would rather do if you want to do it at all. Also! I should be able to post one a day unless.. work and school get me but I will let you know.
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  9. What's yuri?
  10. Shura, please stop replying to people on my thread.
  11. Sorry!
  12. Hi, would you be interested in discussing a Persona RP? I have a few ideas for a possible plot if you don't have anything.

    Let me know.
    #12 Valor, Mar 26, 2015
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  13. I'm definitely interested in working on a yuri plot with you, unless you already have something going.
    I'd totally be down to do some of the fandoms but I don't have really in depth knowledge of all the lore.
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