I need RPs. Who wants to RP?

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  1. I need some RP partners. It can be any genre or whatever.
    I don't care how bad or skilled you are with writing, as long as you post more than three words.

    Plot Ideas:
    -Evil guy/girl plans world domination, end up killing a majority of the world's population. A good guy/girl tries to stop the person beforehand or tries to keep the damage from getting worse.
    -Two people die in a car accident and are now dead but have to kill creatures that people who aren't dead can't see within a time limit.
    -Typical high school romance.

    Any other ideas you want to RP go ahead and give your ideas.
  2. I wish to be your RolePlay partner :)
  3. Alright. I may have better ideas than what I have there. But if you want to do anything specific I'm open to ideas. PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.