I need roleplays to fill in my boredom.

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  1. Hello fellow Iwaku Members! I am Jae, known as Jae. As of late I have been quite bored and decided I need to put myself in the forums instead of lurking if I really wanted to find parnters. So.. here I am!

    First, lets talk about me.

    • Enjoys MxM even though I am female.
    • Been roleplaying for about a year or so, though I've been writing a bit longer than that.
    • I am 21 and human, I promise.
    • I get Writer's Block A LOT. Some replies make me nearly speechless and I can't think of what to write, and so when I do write it usually turns out terrible.
    • I have work and school, school from 7ish to 12 ish and from 12 to 3ish. CENTRAL TIME!!!
    • I normally prefer to play the uke (submissive) character, having no experience with seme (dominant) characters. Though that does not mean my ukes will be complete pushovers.
    • I normally copy my partners post length.
    • Aanndd I think thats it.

    I do ask a few things from you, my partner (hopefully).
    1. I do most prefer if yoy can post at least a paragraph. We all have those days tho.
    2. Be active, but real life always come first.
    3. I'm no grammar nazi, but if I can't understand what your typing then we might have issues.
    4. Have fun.
    5. Aaannd communicate! I hate when I roleplay with someone and barely know them.
    Thats it.

    Now comes the fun part...

    • Dom/Sub
    • Angel/Demon
    • Human/Angel
    • Human/Demon
    • Satanist/Alter Boy
    • Twincest
    • Brother/Brother
    • Boss/Employee
    • Employee/Employee
    • Arranged Marriage
    • Prince/Stable Boy
    • Teacher/Student
    • Supernatural Hunter/Unkown Creature
    • Incubus/Human
    • Neko/Neko
    • You can suggest anything! These were only the ones I could pull from the top of my head.
    Pm me or comment if interested~
  2. im interested hun
  3. I'm interested in twincest, arranged marriage, and prince/stable boy ^^ if you want, I'd be interested in rping in any of those :)
  4. What're you interested in?
  5. arranged marriage sounds fun
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Not open for further replies.