I need recommendations right now.

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  1. I really need new music because I've played my favourite bands like a hundred times.
    If it helps, my favourite bands are Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead, but I'm also into Eminem, Green Day, Panic! At The Disco, Escape The Fate, The Fray, I could go on.
    I'm not into Christian rock, I'm not religious in the slightest.
    Literally anything from pop-punk to deathcore metal is okay.
    Thank you.
  2. Three Days Grace is good, especially their song 'Monster'. You could also try Good Charlotte, or if you reall do want hardcore metal, Hammerfall is amazing. Oh, and Simple Plan is a must; they're a personal favorite of mine. "Welcome to my Life' and 'Perfect World' are two of their songs you should definitely check out.
  3. Based on your choices there... Breaking Benjamin are awesome. Gonna ditto Three Days Grace, in particular the album One-X. Skillet, RED, and Flyleaf are pretty damn good - they're Christian but they don't shove it down your throat, and their songs are often absolutely nothing to do with their faith (or are vague enough so that it's not necessarily religious) so it really doesn't matter. Same goes for Spoken - their album "Illusion" is fantastic. Fireflight are all kinds of amazing, though I don't know their discography to the same extent.

    I'll say Stone Sour as well, 'cause in my opinion they've got a slightly different and more mature sound. Headed by Corey Taylor, the guy who sings (growls?) for Slipknot. Turns out the guy can actually sing pretty well too. Try Enter Shikari if you feel like shaking things up - they're a bit "experimental", add some electronic aspects to their music, which is a nice change from the occasional repetitiveness of hard rock bands. Deftones are great too; pioneers in the genre, really, they've been around for a looonnnggg time. Chiodos, 30 Seconds to Mars, D.R.U.G.S, and Emery are also solid choices. Evanescence's Fallen album is golden, as is Halestorm's "The Strange Case Of..."

    If you like HU, then go check out some of Deuce's solo work. Not my cup of tea, but he followed largely in the same vein HU did when he was still there.

    If you like Green Day then I'd point you towards A Day to Remember. Don't know them that well, but they remind me of Green Day by falling into the (imo) somewhat rare category of good pop punk, though they also mix in a little metalcore influence which is nice. And you almost definitely already know them, but Paramore had some pretty great stuff too. Hoobastank and The Offspring are solid.

    If you like Eminem try out Hopsin's "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series, specifically 5, 6, and 7. Rap with a message, good stuff.

    Going into slightly heavier stuff, Slipknot are a must. Can be a bit hit-and-miss in my opinion, but when they're good, they're incredible. Check out Sulfur, Psychosocial, The Devil in I, and Duality - if you don't like those, maybe it's not the band for you, but if you do then explore them further. Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge, and In This Moment (female scream vocals done well, ooft) are all fucking great bands, you should listen to all of them.

    And to finish off, to chuck in a few bands that hadn't crossed my mind until now and I don't wanna insert randomly: Bon Jovi for classic rock, Iron Maiden for classic metal, Tenacious D for sheer Jack Black awesomeness and hilarious lyrics combined with some surprisingly good music, and, of course, Nirvana. Because Nirvana were gods.

    That should give you one hell of a lot of material to work with. ^^

    EDIT: If you want a slightly truncated version with just my "best picks" from all the above:
    Breaking Benjamin
    Three Days Grace
    Stone Sour
    Alter Bridge
    In This Moment
    Tenacious D
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  4. @Halo
    I +1 the mentions of Stone Sour and Alter Bridge. Both are very good.
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  5. Heck, Halo gave you some pretty good stuff already. However, let me throw some more suggestions at you anyway: Papa Roach (I love all of their songs unf) and X Ambassadors perhaps (especially "Jungle"). Maybe Fall Out Boy too.
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  6. Skye Sweetnam does punk pop. ^^
  7. Since you alreayd have a lot of names already thrown out there, I will just leave a couple here for you to check out.

    Bring Me The Horizon (great live, lots of energy)
    Falling in Reverse (harder version of P!ATD, I think)
    Black Bomb A (French. sing english. These guys are hella fun.)
    Butcher Babies (try the album Goliath. Wicked stuff. Two female singers.)
  8. All of Halo's recs are solid. Great choices.

    On top of those I'll add russian band The Slot. I discovered them a short while back and they're fantastic; they also released an english album.

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  9. Whoa, I know some of these (like Nirvana, obviously) but some I'll definitely check out. Thank you so much, haha!
  10. No-one's mentioned Behemoth yet. I am disappoint.

    'Parkway Drive' were one of the craziest bands I've seen live (soooooo many crowd surfers) and their album Atlas is brilliant. And Halo's already mentioned Five Finger Death Punch, which I second.
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