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Please note: I will not fade to black, I will not skip or go easy on sex scenes, I can not censor and will not censor my content. Please understand that before responding.

Alright, so now the boring part. Just some info about me, please read it ALL! I will not tolerate someone who comes to me and asks something that is clearly stated below.

Disclaimer: I play as Lesbians and Straight Men ONLY! Please do not ignore this message. So, I am in college. I am 22 years young as of January. I love to chat with my RP partners OOC, and that is how I make my friends (Since I am an introvert). I do ask that you enjoy the same. If I can not speak to the HUMAN behind the character, it feels like we are just robots playing a role. You know?
Now, I am a simple neko. I will reply when I can, and will always tell you when I need a break. I will ALWAYS post between 2 and 4 good paragraphs. I love romance, actually it is ALL I do! If you can give me a good story with tons of fluff and romance, I will love you forever! I use human, neko, and furry OCs. So Please let me know your preference. That is all on me, ask me questions. I am an open book.
I love scratches on the ear and snuggles! Please if you give me that I will love you five-ever! Also, approach me with a furry or neko and OMG you are on my #1 list! Please also add "Addy the Neko" to your reply or PM to show you read this whole thread. Thanks.
First thing is detail. Please keep your posts detailed. I am not saying to write a novella, but at least more than a paragraph. Be literate and absolutely no text speak! I hate seeing stuff like "She looked up at u". It is a BIG pet peeve of mine. Also, Be Mature! I ask that you are a mature human. I am not saying you need to be a certain age, but please for the love of god be mature. Last but not lease... Communication! Talk to me! Human to human. I do not like to RP with people and JUST RP. I like to have chats, talk about life, hobbies. Anything besides sitting there like mindless robots and typing away. Thank you!

Now for my plots and pairings! Please read and understand the above before continuing!

Can be paired with any other pairing if wanted! Now the idea behind this is that MC is a neko and YC is a human. Nekos are the minority and treated like shit. Which allows for drama later on. YC has a crush on MC regardless of the race and it goes from there
So let me say now, first person is wanted for this but I will accept any and all third person requests. I want to pair MC with a little sister of his. Now I want this little sister to be perverted, cute, and adorable. She will want to do anything to make her Oniichan happy. Now I want her to be younger, though not so young it breaks site rules. If you can fulfill this request I will love you forever. This will be mostly smut but can have some story. Thanks.
Alright, so this is pretty simple. A boy and a girl (Highschool or College, you choose) have known each other for years. Well YC has a HUGE crush on MC and does not let it known. Until she is pushed to tell him/her, her feelings. The way that it happens can be discussed. I am quite open. It can be cute, tragic, or funny. I do not mind.
This one is tricky cuz there is a lot we can go from here. Muse 1 can make Muse 2 in his/her basement and try teaching them about the world or we can go more generic and say Muse 1 buys Muse 2 in a shop and tries to teach him/her how to live. As well as a few other life skills as the RP progresses.
MC and YC were inseparable, they would spend every day together as kids. They would frollick and play, go on adventures. They even shared their first date and kiss in their teen years. Why did things have to go so wrong? MC and YC fell apart at the age of 18. College got in the way for MC and YC's father got really sick. Though they never broke up, contact had become astranged and gone to the wind. Now, at the age of 19+ (We decide), MC finds YC working at a rundown diner and wants to help by giving her a job. Though the feelings on both ends are not gone. (Side Note: To add drama/more I want to say at 17, before separation, they got engaged. Another reason for them to stay with each other.)
So, YC is a frequent customer of MC's bakery. She does not go for the sweets or bread, no! She goes for the cute and handsome man behind the counter! She wants to badly to ask him out, but she does not have the motivation... That is until his cute employee starts to hit on him right in front of her. At that point, she has no choice but to ask him out. Going from there!
Now first off let me explain this is NOT to make fun of any disorders. I actually think disorders make a person unique. This is mainly a plot I was thinking of that would be super cute! So, I love the whole 'Love is blind' saying. It has lived with me for years. So I was thinking, what if love really was blind? Or Mute, or Handicapped in any way? I think it would be quite nice! I would like to play with someone who does not mind having a character date one of my disabled OCs. Where YC would fall in love with MC over a course of time for who he is, and not care about his disorders. This is a FEELGOOD rp. Yes we can add drama and stuff but nothing dark. It is meant to be cute. Thanks for reading. (Second idea to work off of is that YC is a caregiver to MC in the care home. YC is the only one that MC trusts and refuses to let anyone else do certain things, like bathe him and the like. Just an idea)
Please note that this plot contains the death of my character at a later time. So this idea has a mix of physical and sexual abuse in it. My character and your character have been dating for a few years. He had been the sweetest man, up until a few weeks ago. He had been changing. Not taking no for an answer, hurting your character when she is out of hand or he doesn't get his way. Though it is not his fault. A few nights ago, he had an accident and they find out MC has a brain tumor, a cancerous one. It can go anywhere from there, though be aware it will be very emotional. We can discuss the rest.
As the title says, I wanna do something related to spice and wolf, but a different universe. I want MC to be travelling through a forest, stopping for the night, wakes up to a wolf-girl in his cart (Naked of course) and somehow she persuades him to take her with. I want lots of romance, cuddles, and some sexy stuff in here. We can hammer out more in the RP.
Now this is an idea I have had for a bit now. So I want to find a partner who will play 2 or more women to my one man. I was thinking a master x slave thing, a group of friends in a huge love thing, or even incest. Like 2 or more sisters wanting to make brother happy. I am craving that last one for real. We can hammer out more details when you PM me, thanks.
My idea here is that MC is sick with some disease. Not contagious and not fatal that will go away with time. MC's partner would be the one supporting MC and helping him/her out. When he is healed though, the plot can move into a general romance plot. Thanks for reading

Please note I will regularly add new plots! So keep an eye out.
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Please send me a pm and we could talk about possibly role playing together. I would and am very interested on role playing with you. I only do either yuri (lesbian) or straight style role plays.
Still looking!
I am very much up for playing a little sister that loves her brother bunches.
Started to look again
Alright. So first things first "Addy the neko". I am interested in several of your ideas, as well as potentially writing something ourselves.

Popular x Nerd
Able x Diabled
Merchant x Wolf-Girl

Let me know if you'd like to role play together
*pops head in*

I am interested in the Popular x Nerd plot if that is still open~

addy the neko omg I forgot that >//<
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I'm interested in the When I go if you're still looking for me partners.
Addy the Neko.

I am interested in the Brother and Sister plot, but I was wondering if we could make it FXF.
Addy the cute, sweet Neko. :3 <3

I'd love to do the merchant x wolf-girl, but in morden times and maybe FxF and futa if you're ok with it.
Starting to look again
Addy the Neko. Um... I would like to do the "when I go" story, if you'd like to choose me. That's, obviously, perfectly fine if you don't. The story sounded interesting and I've been wanting to start a new RP for a while now. I hope you reply.
P.S. That "five-ever" was adorable.
Still looking
Addy the neko

I saw a few ideas I'd like to do, but first, I only do straight rps and prefer female, so the fact you only play straight males and lesbians is great for me. I really liked the popular boy x geek rp, and I really want a brother x sister rp. I'd even do that orgey rp with sisters and their brother 'cause it sounds interesting. If you want, feel free to pm me
Added a new plot
Addy the neko.
I like the brother and sister pairing from your list and the bakery one as well.
Edited the disabled plot
Still looking
I generally like playing multiple characters so, I'd be willing to do the "Orgy" one with you :)

If not that then the spice and wolf one could work too.

Also this is the kind of thing I find funny so keep that in mind. -->

Addy the Neko.
Addy the Neko.

I liked the "When I Go" plot, it seemed intriguing. I also liked the "Orgy" plot, I was thinking one of my characters would be yours' best friend while the other was your cousin? Either that, or both of mine were sisters or cousins unrelated to yours?
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