I need more partners.

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  1. I'm looking for more people to role-play with, I'm not a man who likes to be kept waiting, so the more people, the more I'll be required to reply to, the more busy I'll be, the more satisfied I'll feel!

    I rarely ever catch cases of writer's block, so if you would just, help me out here!

    I'm willing to role-play with anyone. Any genre. I'm limitless, especially when it comes to those 18+ kinks.

    So hit me up!
  2. I'm willing~

    I don't really have any restrictions either so if you have anything you'd like to do right now, feel free to share!
  3. You should engage in conversation with me. And let's get some things figured out so we can get the ball rolling.
  4. I'd be willing to RP with you as well. I don't really have any plots in mind but I'm sure something will come around.
  5. Fantastic, yo'.
    Pop a PM and I'll get back to you sap.
    We'll figure something out.
  6. i will rping with you if its ok or are you busy
    iwaren now im using a kobo so somethings may go shit like word letters or missspells or asddd letters im sorry for that ^^ i will try my best to fix what i can
  7. That was unbelievably indecipherable.
  8. Hey, I am curious.. any genre? So mind being a demon prince??
  9. I could play a demon prince.
    Been a while since I've portrayed any diety.
    In the alignment of good, or evil.
    But I can do it.
    What did you have in mind, gorgeous?
  10. Well I was thinking.... the demon prince wants some entertainment... like torturing and a slave. So he is trying to get her what he wants ( any but please skip when it gets really.... intimate. ) Also, we can make him slowly fall in love with her. But this entertainment person is an angel? XD Any questions I can probably answer it. The angel is a princess too by the way :3
  11. You're kidding me.
    You want an intimacy scene to "fade to black".

    With me?

    You know, you'd have to be pulling strings and running miracles for it to go down like that.

    The scene however, sounds pretty good.
  12. Oh okay. Well i mean... I sort of... feel uncomfortable with the whole.... thing if you know what I mean?
  13. No, I don't know what you mean.
    I don't see how someone could feel uncomfortable about it.

    But I don't see where the torture comes without sensual pleasure.
    This is just confusing. Give me a minute to chew on that.
  14. Oh okay. I get uncomfortable with it because wel you see I am still in hih school but i want my characters to have that to happen but we can just... fade it.. I mean just think about it okay?
  15. Right, right... I can see how this would be worked around.
    I suppose we could give it a shot.
    Although I'm a little more aggressive about these sort of things.
  16. aggressive? What do you mean about that? Just explain it. Cause I like aggressive demon princes :3
  17. I mean when it comes to the more lustrious scenes, I prefer them to be drawn out with extensive detail, I'm not so much one to have to do the whole "fade to black" sort of thing. I mean, if it has to do with your age, then that's more acceptable, otherwise I'm one who prefers to go all out with that sort of thing.
  18. Yeah its the whole age thing more than anything. Honestly it is. :3
  19. Hurry up and turn eighteen already, squirt.
    Damn all these age restriction rules.
    Alright, fine...
    I understand, so I'll do my best to work around it.