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  2. Here's a crazy semi politically incorrect brain bender.

    So been looking into some numbers, and apparently back in the mid to late 1980s (topping out in 88) crime in america was at it's all time high. Economists believed that this would continue and only proceed to get worse as it bled into the early 90s. The kicker was it didn't. Actually did the exact opposite. 90's came around, crime dropped dramatically and no one really knew why.

    So recently, an research firm started looking into potential reasons for the drop and found some interesting numbers. It attributed some points to the boost in economy, some to the wider range of innovative police methods, a drop in the crack market and a few other things. The interesting kicker though was they listed the leading reason (as of 51% of their estimated numbers) came actually from Roe Vs Wade.

    Which is where this all gets into some touchy territory. The theory stems from the idea that the legislation launched in 1979, and about the time that the 90's came into place, those kids that would have been reaching mid to late teen hood. A percentage of those being people that didn't have the opportunity to be raised in environments conducive to children. (Ghettos, low income households, situations where parents weren't ready to be parents, etc) Apparently the numbers showed that having the option to not have the kid in the first place, lead dramatically to less children being raised in caustic environments, which led in turn to a drop in crime.


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    [MENTION=3049]CosmicWeinerDog[/MENTION] I think it makes sense, though. I've heard of a similar situation or something. I don't know, I think I agree.
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  5. lol, silly caveman me. I wanted questions from Iwakunians, see. :c
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  8. XD I suppose question #2 would be then... What kinda questions do you seek? =P
  9. interesting questions that can start conversations, apparently.
  10. ^^ Alright. How are you feeling today? (This is almost always a nice, safe opener. ^_^)
  11. it's cliche. OTL
  12. Do you think religion has a place in modern society, or do you think that humans would be better off without it?
  13. XD True enough, true enough. Hmmm...

    What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? And what is holding you back?
  14. How loud is your heartbeat?
  15. [MENTION=1370]Laggy Lagiacrus[/MENTION] very interesting. deep question, debate ready. I'm just not sure if I could open that up to people. Religion is a sensitive thing. :<
    [MENTION=5483]Knives[/MENTION] that one has been in circulation for over five hundred years. jk XD
    [MENTION=5317]TemoKun[/MENTION] in the literal sense?
  16. Heard any good jokes lately?
    If you could rewind 13 seconds of your life how would you use it?
    How about
    What does your favorite color say about you?

    Are any of those what you're looking for?
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  17. Yes! One of them I've asked. Those are excellent!
  18. Will you marry me?

    XD That one is always an interest catcher!