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  1. I'm a 16 year old college student so if I don't respond quickly I'm sorry. Ok give me a scenario and I'll try my best post and let everybody pick it apart.
  2. Your character's friend asked them to meet them for lunch; the friend is at the restaurant already and is waiting at a table, but your character cannot see them from the door. Write your character entering the scene and finding/greeting their friend

    (PS: 16 and in college? I started at seventeen but I turned eighteen one month into the first semester. You must turn Seventeen real soon?)
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  3. (Not until March 13th I finished high school in November.)

    "Is Tony even here yet?" Anthony asked walking in and looking around. He couldn't really see it but he assumed the room was bigger Since the table went around a corner. He peeked around as the hostess trapped him on the shoulder. "Whoa gonna give me a heart attack." Anthony said holding his chest and laughing before looking back around the corner then at the waitress. "Can I help you?" She asked him with a light scowl at the boy who was poking around her dining establishment. "No my friend is right over here." Anthony explained before the hostess shooed him away from the front door. He walked over and sat down at the table smiling.
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