I need big help! Please!

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  1. I didn't bother to put a prefix because all of the prefixes would of fit. I need a big kind of help. A help with learning in depth things about roleplays, characters, world building, writing, grammar, etc, etc.
    I was wondering if there would be anyone willing to pair up with me and help me learn while I help them learn too? Or something. Haha I'm already making progress in this by doing the workshops!
  2. Well, lets see...

    For world building, I can fully recommend Jorick's three part guide. It goes into an utterly obscene level of detail on every facet you could want for a world. @Jorick

    For characters, I just put up an intensive 101 guide, which explains the basics of how to create, develop, and use characters, as well as several other small pointers here and there.

    For role playing in general, I wrote a guide here for post construction. Give it a looksie if you want to understand, right down to each individual sentence, how to construct posts.

    For grammar, try this guide Cammybunny wrote. It explains clearly what you need and how you can go about improving yourself! @Cammybunny

    Though, as with any activity, to improve in writing, practice makes perfect. So read and practice this, this (@Asmodeus ), and this (@Iliana ).

    Beyond this? Practice, practice, practice. Learn from your failures and move forward. Thomas Edison took one thousand attempts to invent something as simple as a light bulb, take all the time you need and don't be ashamed of making mistakes. We all do. Practice practice practice!
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  3. Brovo's guide linkage is a solid start, and the practice makes perfect bit at the end is very important. I can't really think of anything worthwhile to add, other than a little addendum:
    Three parts at the moment, one or two more to come before it's finished. I've only barely scratched the surface of developing cultures, with all the history and technology and such that is part of that. :D
  4. Thank you so much! :D