I Need a Single Partner.

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  1. You need to be reliable (I might not always be around, so I need people to pick up the slack when I'm not there to. Don't worry, I'll do the same if something comes up for you) write decently (you're hosting a party, don't go staggering around talking like a drunk), and are okay playing an angel. Any questions?
  2. Hmm... I think I might be alright with filling in this role, though I do need to know what time zone you're in (I'm taking a trip to china in a few days, so I gotta see if our time zones will still be compatable when I'm there).
  3. Might not be the best. Right now, Eastern Europe. In a matter of weeks, Eastern United States.
  4. Hmm, might be able to make it work; it's about 2:44 am for me right now (running on pacific time) so basically I'd have to try and start being active around 1 pm during that transition, I think I might be able to get something working there.
  5. All you really need to do is respond when people call you, do an intro when we begin, the works of the hosting biz.
  6. I guess it's worth giving a shot, though sometimes I may get that infamous case of writers block >.< so just a warning in advance.
  7. Dang it... I was to laaaate!>:(

    It sounded good to play an Angel lol

    Maybe next time..^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.