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  1. :raven: Hello. :raven:

    I just joined this site yesterday, however I have been doing role play for 4 years and a, rather adept at it. I can reply up to 4 times a day maybe more depending on time and length. I like my partners to be rather adept too. there has to be some give and take; you give some plot, I give some plot. That's a must actually, if you just follow the whole time and don't lead then I'm sorry we cant role play. Also if you response is less than

    I am interested in just about any kind of plot. I don't care too much for high school based role plays, unless the plot is like "OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!" I am pretty open minded though, if you wanna try something and just see if it would work out, hey why not. I will give it my best shot.

    Little note: most of my role plays that I do take lace in the English Victorian age, a futuristic-age, or an apocalyptic age.

    Things specific that I am looking for involve:
    -Vampire x werewolf
    -Vampire x Vampire hunter (I did one of these a while ago that was amazing so my expectations for these are pretty high)
    -Royal x peasant
    -Assassin x target
    -Teacher x student
    -Apocalyptic/ end of world
    -Mafia Family
    -I kinda wanna do something with a Neko or Furry;defiantly have to be a good plot though (whichever you prefer to call them)
    -Horror ( I have a few ideas for this)
    -Mythological (kind of like a Greek God type of thing)
    (M x F; f x f; m x m; will work for any of the ones with romance)

    -Something kind of skyrim based, not entirely like off the game or anything, more of like time period and setting and story line kind of thing...I guess...i don't know we can discuss it if you are interested.

    Fandoms I want to do; I am actually pretty eh about these, I normally don't care for them however there are a few I would be willing to give a shot with:

    -Say I love you
    -Vampire Knight (with the Canon though I wouldn't want to do the main characters I would want to do one of the side characters)
    - Death Note
    - Black butler
    - Soul eater
    - High school of the Dead
    - I don't realy know if any of you guys are into band fandoms, if you are I would be willing to do some of those as well.


    :blackknight:Well that is pretty much it. You can PM me or just post on here and we will work something out, whichever you prefer.:blackknight:
  2. I'm always interested in vampires and werewolves. With all the pairings you have, we could even combine some of them, if you'd like.

    Hope to hear from ya!
  3. Hm maybe a skyrim roleplaya?
  4. I was wondering if you would like to RP. Vampire x Vampire hunter .
    if you are interested though.
  5. I would love to do a role play with each of you guys so Pm me with any plot ideas you have or if you wanna plot something together let me know XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.