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  1. 1) I do Lesbian or Straight, no gay males.
    2) I can do either dominant or submissive I prefer a submissive character
    3) Suprise me in the plot. Makes twist and turns that I don't expect.
    4) I post usually all day, except some sundays and mondays I'm not on. I take a tablet to school, but I don't post often there. Teachers are are freaky about it.
    5) I prefer one liners to long posts. The longer the posts, the more control I will have to have over your character. It goes the same for you.
    6) I enjoy smut, and I can do a role-play all about it. But plot is nice.
    7) -insert 7th note here-

    Okay, now that I'm done ranting, anyone how wants to do any of these can latch on and ask! Just be sure to let me know beforehand what it is that you want to do! Like I said, I can do pure smut rps, or plots. And as for creatures...meh I can do some furry. But mature I prefer they be human.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.