I need a new DVD player. Help me! 8D

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  1. So my cheapass DVD player is shot after years of use and cats knocking it around. >> And apparently my backup player is also not working. Thus, it's time to get a new one!

    So what kind of DVD player should I get? Is Blueray worth it and even going to stick around? Should I get one that can slice and dice my vegetables? Play multiple DVDs? Does handstands?

    What do I dooooo! O____O
  2. DVD and Blueray are as worth-ful to the common man as galleons are to the world's navies; the digital revolution is afoot! Instead of staying on the sinking ship that is laser-disk based entertainment, why not join the crew of the mighty Edward Teach? Why not be a full-fledged pirate of the seven webs? Not only will your night's enjoyment be nigh-expenses free, but you will also receive hefty compensations for your losses (unless what you lose is one of your worthless pinky-fingers, of course).
  3. hmmmm I feel we've still got plenty of time with DVDs but if you just want something to occasionally watch movies on then get another cheap one. That is assuming you even feel the NEED to have one. I guess it really comes down to how much you use it.
  4. As much as I love and enjoy being a pirate, my biggest hobby outside of roleplaying happens to be watching movies and collecting DVDs of my favorite films and shows! Otherwise I'd just hook my laptop up to the TV and have at it.

    SO I am looking for something to make my movie watching AWESOME. >:3 My last dvd player was just a cheapass one based on necessity and this time I would like to get something substantial, well made and fabulous now that I have the opportunity to do so! >:D
  5. Just ask your man to do it and go fry up some chicken because he'll be hungry after.
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  6. go all out. I suggest getting something you find nice. DVD's aren't gonna go away anytime soon. Find something you like, don't get a multi player. If that thing breaks and you still have DVDs in it they're a bitch to get out.
  7. XBOX, All in one, I am not sure if it is a blue ray player, But as far as watching Dvd's go, I had an Xbox for 6+ years until It was left behind.

    Everything can be done with it and there are a crap ton of cute cheap games for Dianers on Xbox live, You cane Watch Netflix on your TV through it AND DVD's.

    If you get a Used one they are cheaper but saving up for oh....Did I mention you can also Use the internet on your TV with the Xbox? Yep

    It has everything you need.

    You could be breeding your baby dragon right on your TV screen O__O
  8. DVD Players are a thing of the past!

    That said:

    OPTION 1


    That is the best, basic DVD player you can get your hands on. No WiFi, no HDMI output, but you can play pretty much anything on a disc except for Blu-Rays. So if you burn an .avi, .mp4, or make your own DVDs, you can play it on this thing. And for $30, it's a good deal.

    OPTION 2


    For $10 more, you can get this beauty. It does everything that the Samsung above does, but it also has HDMI output for your HD TVs and it also uses upscaling to make your DVDs just a bit nicer. One of the nicer aspects of this player is that it's supposedly Region FREE, meaning you can play DVDs from all over the world.

    OPTION 3


    For $80, here's your Blu-Ray/DVD player combo, with all of the bells and whistles as above and it's WiFi capable, meaning you can play Netflix on it! If you don't have a PS, XBox, or anything else that you can hook up to your TV to play Netflix, this is what I'd recommend getting.

    Really, Blu-Ray VS. DVD, there's not too much of a big difference. To really see the change in quality, you'd need a large 40"+ TV with HDMI output. If you don't have either of those, then I'd recommend just getting Option 1. If you want the Internet connection to your player so you can get Netflix, absolutely go with Option 3.
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