I need a horror. Like, a morbidly terrifying one. 1x1 or small group.

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There's a figure standing in the light of the window. It's twitching, and it's INSIDE....

  1. Call out in plea

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  2. Stand perfectly still

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  3. Scold the figure in fear

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  4. Scream, the most natural response

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  5. Bolt like a cheetah

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  6. Grab a weapon

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  7. Grab your phone

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  8. Pray

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  1. So, I think from my reputation on here thus far and from ones that know me on here, is that I believe in details. I believe in setting up the most epic, expansive plot lines through subtle yet definitive means, which of course can't be done without the rpers, you guys. And one place I've never really thought to apply that too was horror. After all of the downright fear inducing films and games I've encountered (Mama, Conjuring, Slender, FNAF, Until Dawn, etc) I think I just may be ready to write and build a horror rp with either a 1x1 comapanion, or a small knit group of rpers.

    A detailed and overactive mind like mind has already thought of some damn creepy scenes and scenarios in my head. And while I would be happy to make a Slender or FNAF type of rp...it's been done before, even with movies like The Omen, Exorcist, etc. )

    So I want to make an original horror rp, but one that even while reading the writing could be prone to give nightmares lol. I know this would scare a ton of people even me, but for some who'd be interested I think it could be really neat...ish. The plot for this rp would revolve around a couple/group of friends that stay in an old traditional city built among Indian land. When kidnappings AND animal attacks begin to arise like a string of cases decades past, the friends find themselves in the middle of something they would never contemplate.

    Of course I know the antagonist/threat of the rp, but that will only be revealed as the rp progresses. This rp will be gory, creepy, thrilling, suspenseful, and in some areas, just damn dark. Don't think just because you see the plot you can infer what some devices will be...there's a twist for every turn ;)

    Okay enough teasing!!! Anyone who's interested respond!

    Tone for the Rp:
  2. I'm interested, but only if it's a group RP.
  3. If a few more come I'll gladly categorize it as one
  4. Ill do it. I love Morbid Horrors.
  5. I'd love to be apart of this :)
  6. Count me in!
  8. Okay! Nice seems like we have enough to start the OOC! I'll have it up soon!
  9. Everyone still here?
  10. Still looking!
  11. Really? I was planning on joining but I thought it was closed by now. I'll be sure to create a character later tonight, in the case.​
  12. No, the OOC says Open Signups, and alrighty.
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  13. I would love to join.. if you'll have me xD since we have been in a lot lol
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