I Need a Doctor

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  1. "I need a doctor
    Call me a doctor
    I need a doctor, doctor
    To bring me back to


    I'm new here but I have a good three years of roleplaying experience under my belt. I've went through romance, drama, plenty of smut and mostly everything else. The only thing I'm not too comfortable with is horror and macabre. Anything scary, really. Now that that's out of the way, I reckon I'll explain this thread's title.

    The basis of the roleplay will typically be Doctor x Patient, where I will be playing the Patient (a female; submissive) and my partner will be playing the Doctor (a male; dominant). Unless, of course, you would like to switch the roles completely and have me be playing a female Doctor (who would still be the sub) while my roleplay partner would play a dom male Patient. Either way, this would essentially work.

    Whoever the patient may be, they have come down with some sort of curable illness. However, this disease will grant them recurring visits to the doctors office, where a romance starts between themselves and the doctor.

    Not the most original thing, but we all have to start somewhere as newbies haha ; 7 ;

    If you're interested in roleplaying this plot with me, that's cool. We can discuss more over something else. ​
  2. I would be interested. :D I must ask your typical posting length. I will not do a roleplay where I get less than a decent-sized paragraph, but I enjoy long posts :D
  3. I can do whatever length my partner prefers. I just don't like doing one liners.
  4. Great! Is there anything I must know about the plot? :D
  5. As long as you don't have anything you'd like to add into it, not really :p I usually just roleplay on the spur of the moment, you know?
  6. Nope :D Spur of the moment is my forte!
  7. Alright, so is there anything else we need to exchange other than character? I have never roleplayed over this forum before so I'm totally new to its workings you feel me
  8. Nope! If you want, I can send you a character sheet immediately!
  9. Go ahead! I can use your character sheet as a template to make mine since it's just easier. I think so, at least.
  10. Name: Lewis Robertson
    Appearance: Lewis has soft sand-colored hair, worn longer than normal. His eyes are a pale green, with hazel specks in them, hidden behind black-rimmed square glasses. He is of average height and weight, and has fair features. Lewis' face is clean shaven, but he has a light dusting of hair on his arms, chest, and legs.
    Personality: Lewis is kind-hearted and gentle. He is always quick to help those in need, and is a favored physician among children because of it. He is extremely intelligent,and was taking classes for the university in high school. Graduating with his PhD not a year ago, he is relatively new at the office he works at.

    I hope this is okay! :D
  11. Yes, it's perfectly fine!! :p


    Name: Rose Hiffory

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Rose has dark red hair, reaching down to her shoulders. Her bangs, however, reach down to her collarbone. Rose often has her hair pulled back into a braid so it won't get in her way but leaves her bangs out, though in such a way they won't bother her either. She has dull; slate blue eyes. Rose has an aquiline nose, and a more or less prominent cupid's bow.

    Personality: Rose is timid and a little lifeless. She is completely reliant on others and trusts far too easily, which has never been a good thing for her. She is seen as a little strange by many. It's hard to ignore, but she tries her best. She has horrible hearing and is also a little paranoid.

    Illness: Uknown as of now sadly.
  12. Yours looks good! I think we're ready to start the thread :D
  13. Could you start? So I can grow accustomed to your writing style, not because I'm lazy or anything. I swear. Also, I'm going somewhere shortly, so I may not have been able to start until much later.
  14. Alright, I'm working on the response now.