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    So, I really need some more partners. It seems like my past couple requests got little to no answers, and the partners I have now are great, but we all have lives and I just want to be a bit more active with role-play, since I have a lot of free time. My partners either have different time zones or are busy, so they can't be on as often as I'd like.

    In this request I'll be a bit more specific with what I like, and honestly, I'm very flexible.

    I strongly recommend you read my resume, though, so you can get a more detailed feel into what I want in a partner as well as role-play, and what I don't want, too. I know I tend to want to role-play with the more advanced writers, as I have a hard time with those not around my level or below, but please don't let this shy you away from me. I don't expect some six paragraph reply each time, I know there may be slower parts as we develop the story, and replies may be a bit short; however, no one-liners. I shouldn't even have to mention that. While I won't yell at you for it, I'll mention it, because it really doesn't provide me with much to work off of. There's always ways to at least make your post more lengthy. For instance, if I'm lost sometimes, I'll have my character examining certain things that may be around the room or even in the other character; or even thinking in order to explain some things in more depth. Always a way to expand the response, don't forget that. Okay, I know this isn't a writing lesson, so I'll get on with it!

    As far as my genres are concerned, I will play just about all of them. Though I have a hard time with Fantasy and Science Fiction as I have came to learn; that really depends of the plot, though. I adore medieval settings and historical role-plays. Romance is also a candy for me, and while it isn't needed, I do like it if it's done right. By that, I mean, I don't want to start out in a relationship and I don't want my characters in a relationship within the first few posts. I really like the development within characters, and that is even greater with romance. It's more fun for me, especially if they don't know each other or despise each other at first. I also really like modern/slice of life role-plays. For the most part, I want to escape reality, but when it someone else's and you can control their life, I always think that's pretty exciting and really great to do. Horror, well, you'd be surprised how scary I can get. I have yet to prove that as I haven't done a horror on this site, yet, but I am a master at creeping people out, and especially creating a scary and unsettling scene. I'm really up for anything, as I like to expand my territory, so just ask! I don't bite. Hard.

    Though, there's one kind of role-play I tend to absolutely love to the ends of this Earth. Dystopian settings are okay, but I really like post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic settings whether it deal with the undead, mutants, insane murderous creatures, you name it. Survival is incredibly fun for me, especially when people from all over have to band together to fight off whatever might be killing them. Groups for this are fun, but so are one on ones. Love it.

    I also like hang-out role-plays, such as a group of friends going through High School together, etc.

    Fandoms are fun too. Depends if I know what you want to do a fandom about, hehe.

    I also don't mind animal role-plays. I don't now if any of you have read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, but I role-play that quite frequently on another site and also write fan-fiction on it. So I'd do that in a heart beat.

    I also really like anime, so yeah, anime physics is a possibility!

    To my fellow teen members, if you'll read my resume you'll see I'm open to libertine role-plays which I do partake in time from time. I'm kind of picky about that so make sure to read and feel free to ask me questions.

    I don't really like furry, but I'm okay with nekos/anthros. I will NOT do yaoi or yuri, and I don't tend to have a character that has sexual and/or romantic feelings for the same gender. I might now and then just to see if I can get into it, but it's usually awkward as it's not really done right half the time, in all honesty.

    I really appreciate my partners being active and giving me at least two to three posts a day, so just keep that in mind.

    Mkay. I know a lot of you would rather play the female character, because a lot of you, are well, like me, female. No problem there. I actually have fun playing the male a lot more than I do the female, half the time. Though I like playing women too, and I hate when I'm forced to play the male constantly, as I usually am.

    I really love making new friends, so don't be afraid to chat with me, too! :)


    For once, my creativity has sparked and I have a few ideas for role-plays!

    | Key |

    If the title is:

    Struck through= taken
    Bold= Open
    Blue= I play the male
    Pink= I play the female
    Green= I'll play either gender, it's up to you

    Guardian ( Modern )
    This plot centers around my character and yours. Mine, whom goes by the name of Raeleigh Jones, is the newer girl at school. The two are fifteen and starting their freshman year, and while you've been in this small town all your life, she's new and lost- not to mention her problems at home which you soon find out about. You and Raeleigh practically have very class together, and as you help her to the various rooms, talk at lunch, and even after school at times, the two quickly become best-friends and it centers around the different problems they face throughout their four years of High School, and if they can really stay together. While it's open for romantic elements, they don't have to wind up in a romantic relationship and rather, stay friends. It's titled Guardian because Raeleigh is teased often and your character protects her from anyone that dare to mess with her.

    The Waitress ( Modern )
    This is a romance. This plot centers around your character whom is a waitress at an ordinary diner in New York. You don't make a lot of money, and your apartment isn't exactly beautiful. You're only twenty years old, unable to pursue your dreams to partake in college, so you're working long hours just to have a roof over your head.
    Everything changes when I, a man your age who just so happens to be wealthy, meets you inside the diner. My parents gave me millions of dollars to live in, and I have a penthouse and really just bathe in money. Therefore, my attitude is sour. I've never worked a day in my life and I'm greedy, caring only about myself and concerned with being cocky.
    I come in the diner more often and you, despite how rude and clueless I am, tend to like me and as time goes on, teach me about what life really means and how much better it is to earn the money. My attitude changes and slowly, I become a better person and we, over time, fall in love as I provide you with care and the paper that pays.

    ( Will Add The Rest Tomorrow. )
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  2. I am totally up for a roleplay along the lines of warrior cats, or a fandom rp, depending on if I know the thing we are recreating. Also, I don't mind playing males ^-^
  3. Sounds like fun! I'm going to go ahead and try to sleep, though. We'll discuss more tomorrow. ^-^
  4. I am really digging the Guardian scenario.
    I would play the guy of course.
    If you're interested, PM me.
    I'd love to talk details. C:
  5. If you have any more plots in your mind, I'd love to hear them.
  6. Hello, I would really be interested in doing the waitress rp with you :D
  7. I'd love to do the waitress one!
  8. I have a few fandom and original ideas if you still happen to be looking!
  9. I am, and I'd love to hear those ideas! :D
  10. I'm so sorry guys; it's my fault for not marking them out, but they're already taken. I'll have some more ideas up, soon.
  11. Hi! I would absolutely love to try your 'The Waitress' plot. However, I don't know if I will be able to give you multiple replies every day... I will do my best, though!
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