I miss real emos...

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  1. I miss real emos. You know, the *real* emos from the Myspace days...not this modern day emo/scene/wtf rubbish.

    -absolutely was *not* a total emo kid when she was 14 and first going on the internet-

    Here's a little nostalgia from those days.

    I think I've grown up a bit. This used to be a serious instructional video for me back in the day, now it's a funny video.

    I suppose it'll be the same with the scene kids...they think it's cool so they do it, then they grow up and realize that they were stupid while laughing at the newest generation of punks.

    ...And I think I'm getting a little deep for this section. So, about that nostalgia:

  2. Boyfriend and a few friends were emos when they were younger- but I'll be damned if I can get eyeliner on him now lol.

    I like the emo cow/yak thing meme that's been circling the internet.
  3. Must...not indulge by googling...

  4. I honestly don't really mind the 'new' emos (unless they be like omygawd I'm so emooo~), my irritation goes to the ones who immediately call someone emo when he or she acts different than the others >_>
  5. Emo was a stupid trend. >:[

    I'm liking this hipster trend though. 8D
  6. I see where your priorities lie, Diana >:{
  7. I was once labeled an emo kid. Then one day I decided "Fuck this shit" and decided to shamelessly bully emo kids instead. Especially the ones who think it's cool to cover their eyes with a shaggy mop of hair they dyed black~ How da fuck can you see anything!? >:[

    Lookit all dis funny shizz.



  8. The original emo kids.

  9. By the time I was in high school, we were still goths. It wasn't till the end of 12th grade when I was totally over that shit that emos started to spring up. Oh dear lord was I horrified.
  10. Lol I had an emo phase. Played in a band and did the whole eye liner and all. I even have a few pictures from my youth.

    Now I no longer resemble that fool so its all good.
  11. [​IMG]
    Shut up, guys, you're making Eddie all melancholy and shit.