I Miss Dungeons and Dragons

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  1. Use to do actual campaigns with people right across from me at a table but life had some funky ideas and now if I want to play a campaign, it has to be on the internet. I miss my old group but with the usual DM being dragged on a leash by his self-centered wife, I can't anymore.
    I've played on PlayByWeb for D&D and I'm wondering if the same can be done here. I've played Clerics, Fighters, Sorcerers and Rangers. Looking to play a Arcane Archer if possible. Any DMs out there?
  2. I'm a DM, but unfortunately I don't run games over a forum. :C
    A lot of other people do, however - and there some Dungeons and Dragons RPs going around right now ; I'm sure that they would love to have you. C: I tend to just join Fantasy RPs to stave off my D&D needs.
  3. Been trying that, the last one just died for no apparent reason.
  4. I've done some IRL as well as forum pbp dungeons and dragons, what version do you prefer? I'd be interested in acting as a player or DM. I can play/run 3.5, 4e, or Pathfinder.
  5. The internet ones I did was on this site called PlayByWeb and it used Play by Post with a dice system that I don't think this site has...I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what IRL or pbp stand for.
    Also to add I really like 3.5e. Its kicks 2nd ass and I don't have any material to play 4the.
  6. IRL = In Real Life
    PBP = Play-by-Post
  7. Thank you for the clarification, I feel dumb now. lol.
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