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  1. Hello there reader!

    What I enjoy
    -A female partner

    Now those are what I prefer and what I have the most experience in, however if you would like to roleplay with me but don't match preferences please don't think that means I wont be interested. I will rolepley anything as long as I find the idea interesting. I do have a couple of my own ideas that i have gotten success with in the past.

    The first is 'The Mage War'. In this roleplay one of our characters summons the other into the human world to help the summoner compete in The Mage War.
    The second is 'Times of Tyranny'. This roleplay is a more classic fantasy world, (think knights wizards dragons elfs ect.) In the past the plot line that I have gotten the most success with is one of us is royalty and the castle get attacked forcing the royal to flea and the adventure they go on trying to regain control over their castle and kingdom. As for the other person there are multiple different roles for them to play, such as a guard from the castle, a commoner that helps them in some way, a king or queen from a neighboring kingdom, the list goes on and on.
    For my final idea I don't have a name for yet but both of our character attend a school for the magically gifted. and each year the schools from around the country pick two of their students to compete in a series of games to see which school is the strongest.

    If none of my ideas interest you but you still have an interest in roleplaying with me I'm open to hearing people suggestions!

    Thank you for reading!
  2. Hey, I am really interested in the type of role play you are suggesting! You should message me with the details and I will take a look at it, unless you already have someone else, in that case this is an awkward comment ._.
  3. Helloo, I am interested in an action, adventure RP and do play female most often. I'm not that skilled in a fantasy RP but I'll be willing to give it a shot.
  4. Your Times of Tyranny idea sounds interesting to me. I've done a similar storyline before and, like yourself, had a fair bit of success with it. I wouldn't mind doing it again if you don't use that one with somebody else who beat me to it :-)
  5. Interested in the last plot and in some other in te same guidelines. Pm me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.