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What Thing Should Grumpy Do Next?

  1. Finish Part 2 of Hannibal already, you lazy shitepoke.

  2. More Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ASAP, you pleb.

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  3. Fear The Walking Dead, you piece of garbage.

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  4. Do American Horror Story already, you asshole.

  5. Sword Art Online? Do it, you fucking weeaboo.

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  1. So you people may recall I made a thing about two months back or so. Miraculously, I finally managed to get my shit together enough to make another thing.

    Here is that thing.

    You'll also notice that there's a horribly abusive Poll thing at the top of this thing. I've got a couple ideas as to what to do next with the channel, and I'm kinda curious as to which one is the most interesting for folks. And since Youtube's comment system is fucking garbage, I figured I'd ask here.

    Lemme give you a quick rundown of said ideas:

    Finish Part 2 of Hannibal already (open)
    The script for season to of Hannibal just keeps bloody growing, to the point that I'm actually kind of scared to look at it now. Still, I've got a lot of fun ideas and analysis to share about the next part of Hannibal, and it'd be great to finally get it committed to video so that I can further humiliate myself online.

    More Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ASAP (open)
    Season Two of 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' is stronk. This first series left it on a high note that it launches itself off nicely. And there's lots of cool interconnected shenanigans going on in it that would be fun to talk about.

    Fear The Walking Dead (open)
    I... really didn't like this one. And whilst I'm trying to avoid being one of those entirely negative channels, FTWD failed in a number of interesting ways that I'd actually like to talk about. Plus, errybody loves a roast.

    Do American Horror Story already (open)
    If you've seen the first part of that Hannibal series, you'll know I love me some symbolism in muh TV series. And AHS is all about the symbolism. Plus awesome effects. And great character drama. And mounting tension. And great horror scenes. This series is basically just the shit, and it's interesting because of its anthology format. I should talk about it.

    Sword Art Online? Do it (open)

    SAO's a crazy popular series, but the people who love it really love it and the people who don't come at it with a vitriol that makes me look calm and collected. I had an idea to analyse the series and its characters through the lens of Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero With a Thousand Faces', just to explain my issues with it without sounding like a naysaying cunt.

    ...Okay, without sounding like too much of a naysaying cunt.

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  2. I'm seeing a distinct lack of Vikings and Black Sails up there bro.
  3. They're on my 'To Watch' list.

    Which is so ludicrously long I could suffocate a man with it.
  4. Really hearin' the s in your wordsss, Grumpy.
  5. Yeah, not sure what's going on with the ol' mic at the minute. I've changed set-ups recently, so the pop-filter isn't quite doing the job it ought to be doing.

    Shall hopefully have it cleared up for the next one.
  7. I don't watch any of those. o.o
  8. I know the feeling. I still need to watch Breaking Bad and feel like I'm going to get lynch mobbed when I mention it.
  9. I'd like more Agents of SHIELD, but I also wanna watch you tear SAO a new one.

    Also, you have a new sub.
  10. *Grumbles as yet another show get's added to his 'to watch' list thanks to Grumpy*

    Good thing I subscribed last time. :P

    And I personally voted for SAO, but honestly just go with the one you want to do the most.
    Reviews work the best when you follow your own passions and not the crowds.
  11. It'd be interesting to hear you talk about AHS or Shield Season 2 :D

    Hilariously, this video already has a copyright claim from FOX against it. I'M SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT YOUR MOVIE, DAMMIT, AND ALL IT'S USING IS TRAILER FOOTAGE.
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  13. Looks like YouTube is being as stupid as usual.

    Nice video.
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