"I Love You Man"

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  1. Every day we run into people who want nothing more than to tell you how bad of a person you are, or how bad their day was, how wretched life is or just let you know that what you are doing isn't good enough. and after listening to so much negativity, we begin to doubt ourselves as good people, and see fit to keep on kicking the legs out from ourselves. We beat ourselves up, damn ourselves when we seemingly can't 'get it right', when that quality, project, or whatever it may be, in fact is good enough. But it never will be, because we can't ever see ourselves as doing something that is good because our opinion of 'good' is flawed by our own self doubts. and we are taught this doubt, living in a society where nothing is good enough. We fall into the same rut others do so oftenly, and the chain continues onto the next poor being of the world.

    I fall under this constantly; my own version of what perfection is too high. I expect everything that I do to be not just good, great, or anything like that but perfect and am often times unmerciful. I fall victim to the same depression triggers around me because of what society holds onto (and the chemical balance issue). I hold onto the worst things of my past and most days I don't even see what good has happened in my life.

    So one day, I went to the store, my mind stewing on this guy who nearly ran me over in a crosswalk, and the fact that I'd just had some of the worst luck that day, and having my mother completely reject my attempt to get close to her really hurt. I then got stuck in the mind set that everything was this terrible, terrible thing. My days weren't going to get any better, and this was life; a giant ball of shit sticks that kept on beating you.

    Then I heard it; four words exchanged between strangers. Honestly, it's going to sound silly that out of the months upon months of being stuck in a deep depression that I didn't feel like I could get out of, I heard four words that ripped me out of it;

    "I Love You Man."

    I looked over and these two men just embraced each other before they went on their separate ways. That one moment of me hearing and seeing that helped me to realize something; despite whatever I have been through, I still had the ability to love, and be loved. Love isn't always related to being romance, but pure simple love. Because out of the darkness of my depressions, my thoughts, those words, ones that weren't cursing at their fellow beings, words that weren't spewing hatred, words that were meant to harm others or themselves, really made me feel great. Made me remember that life isn't this bad, terrible thing altogether, that bad things happen yes, but you should always remember that you can move forward, and that you do deserve to be happy, loved and most of all, hold some compassion for yourself. Never forget those lost, and never hate yourself for something that happened in the past. Beating yourself up for things isn't going to help you heal or anyone else, it'll hold you back from the lesson you were supposed to learn. Simple love;

    Love for a sibling, friend, family member.
    Love for the earth, stars and planets.
    Love for coffee at the cafe.
    Love for roleplaying sites.
    Love for treasures.
    Love for humanity.
    Love for aniimals.
    Love for that special someone.
    Love for interests.
    Love for food.
    Love for just about anything under the sun but...

    the one we all really, really struggle with, is the love for oneself. We so often are busy loving others, we forget about the person we are around 24/7 and that's you.​

    While there is no such thing as a perfect person, there's only one you, and you are worth the effort to happiness. That day I really learned how love changes people. It took me almost twenty three years to figure this out, just with four words. There are still some aspects that I am learning to love about myself.

    So, this thread is for what do you praise yourself for? What great trait do you have?
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  2. A very inspiration post! I enjoyed reading that. I suppose my greatest trait is being able to remain positive even when things are negative. My usual facial expression is a smile. I smile whenever I can and even when things aren't going too well. My friends would often say things like 'Oh, you smile so much' or 'Do you ever get angry?'. Smiling has a wonderful effect on the brain. Fake smiling or not, you actually feel happier. My life isn't perfect and I am currently going through some personal crap myself, but I manage to think positive and smile. I don't smile because I'm hiding any pain or negativity, I smile because I realise that life is wonderful and that you shouldn't dwell on the negatives.
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  3. I am very proud of myself for not becoming a stripper or prostitute. My own mother once said to me," You could make a lot of money with that face alone."

    You can imagine the resentment I had towards being a pretty skinny white girl. Many times fell on me where the option arose and I chose to starve instead. I chose to work my fingers to the bone drawing in the cold for coins in phily than to sell myself for riches. Even when I was on the streets I kept myself from getting knocked up and survived a harsh reality that could have been me standing on those corners.

    I am extremely proud of the self respect I have and that I chose early in life to never use my body to manipulate other human beings. That I treated my body like it was something sacred and never did heavy drugs. The worst I have done is smoke cigarettes, weed, and vaporizers and Ciggs and he vape are gone. It's been a year since I smoked a cigarette, and its been about a month and a week since I touched a vaporizer.

    I am proud of myself for feeling deeply and loving myself enough to know that the way I looked on the outside wasn't the same as inside and I always, always focused on what I was becoming inside and that somethings once you do them...stain you within forever.

    I am proud to have risen up over the hardships of my life, the struggles i have faced physically and mentally.
    I have been through very dark times...and I have come out of everyone of them more loving and more myself every time. Very Very Very Proud.
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  4. I'm really happy to hear that Fijoli
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  5. My moral compass, my hard moral code. It's guided me through many situations where I wasn't sure of how to appropriately respond.
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  6. I am proud of not giving up. Through highs and lows I keep going. It was something I did before I had a family and it's something I really do now that I have one. My girlfriend says it's inspirational how positive I can stay regardless of what happens. It's not that I don't worry or get afraid, I just don't let it stop me.

    I'm also proud of my ability to endure both pain and injury, as well as hard labor or physical effort. It makes my love of manual labor possible which is nice, I can endure the clumsiness of my girlfriend, so stubbed toes aren't an issue. And I feel like it allows me to keep up with my kid which is always a good thing.
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  7. Hmm, this is pretty tough... I don't normally praise myself for much besides getting through a day, but hey, it's better than nothing.

    I think a great trait I have is my determination. I'm proud of always trying to be the best version of myself. Even when I feel bad or pretty crappy, I can always remind myself that things will get better and that there is so much more I could be doing instead of thinking of my own limitations. Uhhh, that's all I got.
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  8. i praise myself for having an awesome life of adventures challenges and conquests

    if shounen were reality, i am it, minus upgrade transformations, plus a lucrative and fulfilling career, but with just as much shouting, minus the noodly body type, plus more muscle, with more beard

    also, i have an afroish haircut, so i even have shounen hair
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  9. I'm really proud of the person I've become since I started university. I used to be shy, timid, and unsociable and I've grown so much since then. I'm very proud of myself for not only taking the untraditional female career path and going for engineering, but also being able to be a role model and someone to look up to for other little girls interested in STEM careers as well.

    We should definitely praise ourselves for the little things. When life goes wrong, we tend to forget about those little things -- but they're what make us wonderful people. Thanks for the thread.
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  10. THIS

    THIS right here

    live the awesome life!

    walk the path of the badass!
  11. Hrm, what to choose that doesn't make me sound like an arrogant piece of shit? The first things that come to mind are my writing ability, my intellect, and my sense of humor, but ehhh... I'm pretty easy to satisfy and I've got a nice dollop of narcissism, so I can be prideful about a lot of little things. Actually, that made me think of a good one: I'm proud of my almost always high self esteem.

    Barring my bouts of seasonal depression in the winter (though I'm doing pretty good so far for this one) it's very rare for me to feel down about myself. I also recover from those rare low points rather quickly. Various minor things not going my way? Negative feelings for maybe a few minutes, then I'm fine again. Death in the extended family? Sad for about a day, then I'm back on my feet. Father died when I was 10 (after never really being around for most of my life)? I was fine after a couple days. Finding out that my older brother is a pedophile and child molester? That one took me about a week, but that was more anger at him than anything like depression. Even long term things haven't held me down, like I've lived in poverty most of my life (out of it now though!) because it's pretty fucking hard for a single mother with 5 kids to not be under the poverty line, but I never let it get me down and I kept a positive attitude most of the time.

    This combination of finding joy in the small things and quickly recovering from bad things has helped me get through a lot of shit without succumbing to long term depression or destructive coping mechanisms like drugs or drinking or self harm or so forth. Seeing how prevalent such things are among my age group, especially those who live in poverty and grew up without a father figure, I'm both proud and extremely grateful that I've managed to avoid such things.
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  12. Those are all pretty hard things to go through, pretty badass dude.
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  13. Woah... this thread is so touching T u T it made me tear up...

    I've always been unsure of myself when it came to other people, but apparently I'm really good with kids! I'm not sure if that's a trait, but I guess I can consider it.

    I'm also friendly, and I'm always willing to listen to people who've been down in the dumps! So I guess courteous aswell.

    This is a really nice thread ^ ^
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  14. So, I actually myself have not put up a post about what traits I live about myself.

    I guess the best trait I'd say I will ever have is my ability to recover. Three years clean of drug addiction, I have to say that my ability to stay strong in such a hard time of my life I feel like I have actually been able to tell myself no matter what I run into, nothing will ever be as hard as deciding to get help was.

    My sense of humour (however faster it'll send me to hell for) is as strong as it ever was. If it actually had not been for my ability to listen to the world around me, this thread would not have happened and I'd still be sitting here acting like everything's all good, when I felt like the world around me was crumbling. Perhaps it is the sleep deprivation that is making me ramble on like...I can't actually figure out a good joke to this but it'll hit me when I am sleeping (and I'll forget later when I wake)..anyways, I really think that while I still have a bunch of growth to go, I've made myself into a decent person.
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  15. With all this being said, I challenge you, Iwaku members, to write something you like about yourself for thirty days be it physical, emotional, mental, or deeper than that.

    Who will take this on?
  16. I do not have that many positive traits without repeating myself. So no. :angel:
  17. I can see quite a few mate, just study yourself. I think there is more to you than even you know. The challenge isn't easy, that's why it is called a challenge. even if you run into the 'same thing', look deeper into that trait. Make a compliment on how proud you are of that trait then.
  18. I think my best traits are my optimism, ability to survive and adapt, and not be too fearful or mindful of my feelings, I express feelings without much thought.
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  19. i think my best trait is my ability to sneak past my nurse cynthia when i wanna go practice photography
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  20. So you want one a day?

    Dude, I could do this for like a year straight.

    ....The nice thing about having a titanic ego is having a titanic amount of fun praising yourself.

    Day One: My starting salary is beating my dad's after 30 years on the job. I trolled him for like an hour. He was proud. And then he told me to go fix the car. So I did.
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