I love playing with _____.


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No, it's not a game or something pervy. D:

Everyone has little things that they are drawn to and they just loooove to fiddle-faddle and play with. No matter how much of a boring stick in the mud they may be.

What are some things that you just can't resist getting your hands on and messing with?

I really like to play with things that make "clickie" noises. >> I'll sit here and click a pen forever if it's within reach.
Knives - I have many scars from my youth > <. Instruments. I love playing a wide variety of stringed instruments, experimenting with new ones is always guaranteed to keep me busy for hours.
>> << >>....I like playing with matches 8D

Not in a light things on fire kind of way! I just like to light a match and then blow it out...If I could I would probably go through all the matches we own in a day XD

I also have the clicky pen obsession like Diana...I can't resist >.<

I can spin a spinner ring foooreeeeeveeeer!
Everything, really. :| You can ask Peter and anyone else who's watched me sit at my desk. I'll play with everything within reach. From the cord of my headset, to a gum wrapper, to a rubber hand, to the little toys decorating my desk.

I have a creative imagination, so everything is a toy to me! But all that aside... I also like to play with my hair. It's just always there. I idly twist it around and stuff. xD And calculators. I like to play with calculators.
My cats. They tear the hell out of my arm, but they seem to always enjoy it, and I do as well.
Little online widgets that make music, I could sit there all day and mess around with them!