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  1. So I wanted to show everyone my cat, Prince Hamlet III. He's fat, lazy, loving, and my best friend. He was always there for me when my ex broke up with me, when I was sick, and every day in between.

    A little bit about him:
    He's a manx, which means he has no tail. Often times, he's a spitting image of a cat I once had who was also my best friend. I often believe that he was reincarnated in Hamlet's form and brought to me for a reason. I got him at a Krystals restaurant, oddly enough, which makes me believe the reincarnation even more. It was a Sunday, and many other people were there from church (not where I had come from. I was just there for the internets.) Yet this kitten, only a few weeks old, comes up a rubs its sides and face on the window beside me. It stopped, sat down, faced me, and never moved from that spot. So I took it some food.

    We searched the neighborhood around us and asked a person from literally every house in the neighborhood if the cat belonged to them. No one claimed him and none of them knew where the cat had come from. Thus strengthening the belief that this cat was reincarnated from my old cat, Scout, who died a few years before, and was brought to me to be my companion. I believe in reincarnation whole heartedly. He has been there for me, through thick and thin, ever since.

    Fun Facts!
    Hamlet, though he's a Prince and should be carried around everywhere he goes, learned to walk on a harness and leash early on. He now loves to go outside and roll in the dirt, but his hobbies are watching the birds in the window, sleeping, eating, and being the handsomest man I know.
    He was named Prince Hamlet III because I was studying Shakespeare in my Senior year of highschool. We had just finished watching Hamlet when I encountered the kitten at Krystals.
    He loves to have his face scratched!
    I now think that cats that have tails are very strange. He has a super small nub, called a rumpie, that he can wiggle, but he seems to show his emotions more through his facial features than he does his tail. I think he's more expressive since he doesn't have a tail. But there's no warning if you pet him too hard, he'll just turn tail and bite you!

    So, I'd love to see your pets and how you got them! If you gave him an odd name, how did he/she get it and why?

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  2. Love the story, awesome cat, and awesome name.

    This is my cat Tobi. Yes, yes, I know, such a plain name. But look at him! I can't see him being named anything else besides Tobi. I've had Tobi now for about three or four months. I got him from an animal shelter because I really wanted a kitten for Christmas. Wish granted! When I first saw him, I knew instantly I wanted him. I've always wanted a tabby cat and this was my chance. Not to mention he was the most playful thing ever when I had a chance to play with him! So our papers were set and everything was ready to go, and in about two weeks he was finally mine.

    Tobi was an expensive kitten though. The shelter did not take care of him well so he did have upper respiratory problems and parasites in him. Took him to the vet and he was taken care of and had gotten all of his shots. In the end, he is definitely worth it all! He stands on his hind legs like a meerkat all the time whenever something catches his attention. It is so freaking adorable that I wish I could attack him and give him a gigantic bear hug. Which I can't, he's way too fast for me. He loves hide and seek and will for sure playfully pounce on your face once he finds you. When it's bedtime, he loves going underneath the blankets and all the way down to your feet to snuggle in the warmth. Sometimes though, he gets tired of that and ends up biting your face or patting your face with his paws whenever you move. Oh, not to mention, he loves sleeping on your face too. All the time. Tobi's a really good cat, he knows when to retract his claws when he touches you, knows not to jump on high places especially if there are fragile things around it, and knows when he's in trouble and learns from his lesson.

    The best thing that I love about him which makes me smile every time I hear it, is his "chirrup" meow. I absolutely love it and if you heard it so would you.

    Well, there's my cat. I hope you enjoyed the little story. :D
  3. Such a wonderful cat!!! Tobi is such a cutie!! Hamlet is still learning not to use his claws when he paws at people. And he plays tag!
  4. Eeeep! We should get the both of them together and see how they play. Tobi is a really big instigator though.. so he tends to make other cats angry.
  5. Hello. I am Diana, and I am the resident cat lady. I CHALLENGE someone to step up and admit they have more cats on their property than me. (oh god, I don't even own all these cats but they live here or in the back yard. >>;;)


    Strelok is our first cat. :D I got him for my birthday a few years ago. We named him Strelok after the guy in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. But most the time we just call him Fatcat, cause he's huge.

    STRELOK (open)

    Mynona is our second cat. I really wanted two cats so they could play with each other, and Gibs wanted a girl. Our friend's cat just happened to have kittens and as a bonus they had a calico furred one, cause I love calicos. I decided to name her Mynona cause another friend's cat had just recently died so I gave her the name as a tribute! Normally we call her Kitten or Nona.

    MYNONA (open)


    Mulder (orange tabby) and Scully (black cat)! My sister had to move back in with her parents cause she is saving for a house. But they have dogs. So we took in her cats. >>; And we still have them. I tend to call them Orange Cat and Black Cat. Cause he's just SO DAMNED ORANGE and she is SO SMOKEY BLACK.



    It started with BUTTERS. Butters is a sweet affectionate stray that just showed up one day. He got his head stuck in a broken glass jar that I had to butter him up and pull off his head. So that's why we call him Butters.


    MISSY showed up not too long after. We kinda think they are brother and sister, but we're not sure about that. >>; I always said "hello little missy" when I saw here, so now she's named Missy.

    MISSY (open)

    Missy and Butters had KITTENS in our back yard. Two of which are still here. Admiral Cutiepie and Dots. Gibs named Cutiepie cause he thought the name was hilarious. She now lives in the house and won't leave. And Dots was named by Isabella because she has a big orange dot on her head.


    DOTS (open)

    AND NOW MISSY JUST HAD THREE KITTENS a few days ago. We were gonna get her a Butters fixed, but was too late. ;__;

    MISSY'S KITTENS (open)

    AND DOTS IS APPARENTLY PREGGO ALSO. She is so fat, I think she is gonna blow any day now. x___x I will have pictures of THOSE kittens as soon as she pops.

    Because god someone adopt some of these cats. D: I did not want THIS MANY cats...!
  6. Yeeeeeeeeeeees. So many cats, this is wondrous.

    Now if only I can convince my roommates that having a cat would be acceptable...
  7. Awe! I'm sorry you can't have a cat, SuperCat. Makes you feel any better, mine just clawed the hell out of my arm. He's being such a butt today.
    And Diana your cats are marvelous! All of them are just so darn adorable!
  8. She was a miserable cat (hated the cross-country move and all of the unknowns) but we used to have a cat with a hitler 'stache. She was quite the cutie. My big hunk of love is Binks, as in Zachary Binks from Hocus Pocus! It was a childhood favorite and when I met my feline mister, he was right away happy with me. Back then he fit in my palm, regardless of the huge-normous tennis ball eyes, batty ears, and fluffular paws and tail. He's at least part maine coon, but a friend found him in an alleyway and called me up. He crawled up to my shoulder and meowed until I took him home. Now he can almost overtake a pizza box when he lays on it. He used to at least hunt squirrels, but he lays around the farm like the don of a cat mafia, sending the smaller ones to do his bidding. Muahaha, he is super cute though. He rolls around if you have chicken or pizza in hand.