I LIVE err sort of..? O.o

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  1. I've been on this site for a long time now, but alas real life got in the way and hiatus was needed. But seeing as I'm not so new I just wanted to say HELLO FRIENDS, PARTNERS, FUTURE RP BUDDIES I HAVE RETURNED. If anyone wants to rp don't hesitate to ask. Hehe so hiiii everyone ^_~
  2. I've seen you around before! :o

    Welcome back! c:
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  3. Hi hi :D!
    Welcome back ^^​
  4. I know I hate having to keep leaving it makes it hard to keep rps going that and I don't give a crap anymore I am gonna try everything to stick around this time around. I'm hoping people will be willing to hit me up with their fresh ideas cause I'M BORED X.X
  5. Hello! I don't think we ever had the chance to interact before you leave. But welcome back all the same! Happy rping!
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  6. Welcome back! ^^
  7. Welcome back! ^^
  8. Yo! Welcome back. Enjoy your stay on Iwaku as you did before :)

    Sometime a break is required, and I get that. Anyhow, good to see that you're back. Even though I haven't RPed with you before, but perhaps this can change in the future.
  9. Yeah so far no ones hit me up and I'm super bored ugh x.x Thanks though :P
  10. Welcome back!
  11. *Waves* hehe welcome back
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