I like you because...

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    Fill in the blank about the person above you with something you like about them.
    Show Iwaku how much you care. :D :heart:
  2. I like you because I have to.

  3. I like you because we have great sex together
  4. I like you because you're fuuuuun and eat the dead bodies i give you and say are steaks.
  5. I like you because you're so AWESOME!
  6. I like you because...


    You have good Troll Radar! :D
  7. you know when to call me up on my shit.
  8. I like you cause you're a BAMF
  9. Man I was gonna say something but Torsty just said the funniest thing in the entire thread.
  10. I like you because of that one night we had that no one knows about, not even you because I drugged you....

  11. I like you because of that one night we spent together, when you thought I was a drugged out darkness...
  12. I love you guys.

    No real reason, just, you know, love ya.
  13. I like you cause your hilarious.
  14. I love you because you laugh when I say "Pudding" over the phone.
  15. I love you cause your "Lucking awesome"!!!
  16. I like you dew to the fact that....you...is that a pokemon your cutting up on your avatar?
  17. I like you because you are new AND posting!

    Myrn's my best friend. Right, buddy?

    *throws another tennis ball for Myrn*
  19. The heavy door fell shut behind the pair, and the excitement was seeping further into the serpent's core. They did it. They were officially applying for a spot in the guild.

    He didn't get the chance to turn around and say anything before furry arms were wrapped firmly around his body, pulling him into a tight embrace. He could feel the cute rodent quivering, probably from how overwhelming and pleasant that this all was. He could agree, though he wasn't shivering from it. His arms wrapped around Ace to return the hug, his leafy tail curling around their bodies. This was the first real friend he's made, so it wasn't surprising that his actions were just a little possessive in nature.

    "T-Thank you, Aero. Being here with someone like you meeans so much to me. Heck, we just met, but honestly, you're the closest friend I've had in damn near forever!"

    Aer'Dra was not one for mushy sentiments, not usually, yet those words filled his chest with warmth. Not only was he getting the chance at joining a guild, but he was also able to have such a good friend. Maybe not close, yet, but definitely a good one that he could rely on. He already left his life and job in the Pikachu's paws, once, and it had turned out just fine. Juuuuust fine.

    Rose eyes, slightly distant as he was partially in his own world, met with deep chocolate ones. He felt like he was swimming in the sweet confection, slowly getting drawn out from his own mind when his friend spoke up again.

    "Uh, sorry. I'm getting a little too emotional about this, aren't I?"

    The faux shadow laughed rather lightly at the question.
    "There's no such thing. Our world just got a lot larger. We have somewhere to call home. And we have someone who will stay by our side. There's a lot to be emotional about, especially in the span of a single day! Besides...." the snake gasped before he finished that train of thought. Honestly, he didn't want to admit how adorable he thought it was for the other male to be likee this.

    "Never mind... Let's see... We should probably figure out where the main areas are, right? The dining hall, the task boards, maybe see where those voices are coming from, things like that. I'm sure we'll be shown to the rooms when that's sorted out, so there's no reason to go out of our way to find them." he changed the topic with ease, pulling away and catching the other 'mon's hand to start walking.
  20. I like you, because unlike SOME people, you're playing by the rules of this thread! >:D
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