I like you because...

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    Fill in the blank about the person above you with something you like about them.
    Show Iwaku how much you care. :D :heart:
  2. I like you because I have to.

  3. I like you because we have great sex together
  4. I like you because you're fuuuuun and eat the dead bodies i give you and say are steaks.
  5. I like you because you're so AWESOME!
  6. I like you because...


    You have good Troll Radar! :D
  7. you know when to call me up on my shit.
  8. I like you cause you're a BAMF
  9. Man I was gonna say something but Torsty just said the funniest thing in the entire thread.
  10. I like you because of that one night we had that no one knows about, not even you because I drugged you....

  11. I like you because of that one night we spent together, when you thought I was a drugged out darkness...
  12. I love you guys.

    No real reason, just, you know, love ya.
  13. I like you cause your hilarious.
  14. I love you because you laugh when I say "Pudding" over the phone.
  15. I love you cause your "Lucking awesome"!!!
  16. I like you dew to the fact that....you...is that a pokemon your cutting up on your avatar?
  17. I like you because you are new AND posting!

    Myrn's my best friend. Right, buddy?

    *throws another tennis ball for Myrn*
  19. I like you because your location is blood, kill, and slay. My Grandfather was from there :D
  20. I like you, because unlike SOME people, you're playing by the rules of this thread! >:D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.