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  1. Right now, I'm in a Mary Sue parody rp, but I'm looking to do some other rps as well, given that I tend to be more active than usual. Although, I tend to be a little picky in I'll rp.

    A little about what I'm comfortable with/looking for:
    • I really only play female characters. Not that I won't try male characters, but I'm comfortable with girls.
    • I do straight/asexual characters only
    • When I write, I tend to write a minimum of three paragraphs
    • Romance, humor, slice of life, modern, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, magical, school life, angst, insane, sometimes horror
    • I don't do well with pre-written roles
    • Fandoms: Legend of Korra, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Age, Puella Magi, Wonderland, Frozen, How To Train Your Dragon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Rune Factory, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Fable, Doctor Who, Sonic (maybe), Any Disney movie
    • I'm cool with non-fandom stuff, but I just thought I'd put that out there.
    • Good with group or OnexOne plays.
    • I will do mature scenes.
    About Me (personally):
    • Sophomore in college
    • Music Major (viola/piano/percussion)/ Computer Science
    • In both Marching Band and orchestra
    • Interests: Anime, cartoons, music (classical, pop, dubstep, rock, alt, electro swing, etc), art (fine, contemporary, pop), poetry (Whitman, Poe)
    • Professional children's book illustrator

    On a side note, the character that is my profile picture is my personal character that I made. If you see her used anywhere else would you please let me know. I notice that this site uses a lot of uncredited art and it worries me.
  2. GUYS! GUYS. Guys. I know what I want. HOLY POOP. I want a Band Camp rp. LIKE, Marching Band. With her.
    and OH SHIT, she's a fucking SNARE. DRUMMER. Named Alice.

    THIS would be the BEST gift ever. Someone, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaase. PLEEEEEEASE.
  3. I'll do the bandcamp roleplay if you want.. Not forcing you though :p
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  4. GET OUTTA TOWN! No, wait, come back. That's just an expression.

    Seriously, though, I didn't think anyone would be on board for a Marching Band rp. So what do you think? Should we try to make a group rp or just do onexone? If a group, what kind of limitations should we set in terms of numbers? High school marching band or drum corps? If it is in a high school, should we just do band camp or should we include some high school settings with band practice after? I mean, I imagine there's about two weeks of band camp before school starts, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. How do you feel about this? If we get enough people I would be willing to go all out on designing a group rp, but I'm also cool with just the two of us.
  5. Oooh I wanna join in so bad!!
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  6. WHOA! That's, like three members. Assuming REincarnate is cool with a group. WHOA.

    So, what do you guys think? Should I start designing this thing?
  7. A Magi rp sounds very interesting.
  8. Do you mean Puella Magi (as in Madoka) or Magi: The Labyrinth?
  9. Yeah totally, let's get this show on tha road
  10. I'll try to post a sign up tomorrow. I'll be sure to tag you two.
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