I like my roleplays like I like my coffee... (Adept Writing Skills)

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  1. Dark and long-lasting.

    First and foremost, I am looking for roleplayers that are going to be in the very least adept writers. This includes: good punctuation, no run-on sentences, well-developed characters, decent amounts of writing (though quality is better than quantity), few spelling and grammar errors, and the ability to take control of a situation and lead the plot when needed. Please do not be offended by this, I simply consider myself an advanced writer and would like to see replies that are on par with my own writing. I believe that roleplay done right is like reading a good book.

    On that note.

    Story and character development are very important to me, and that is my primary focus when I roleplay and why I have so many pre-made characters. These characters have developed their backgrounds through continued use, as opposed to having a background I simply made up all on my own. They've developed over the years and have very distinct personalities.

    By no means do you have to use a pre-made character of my or your own creation, and these are not pre-made plots or scenarios. I rarely make new characters these days because I do not have the time to flesh out entire backstories like I used to, I simply want to use characters that already have an in-depth backstory that I can expand on by continuing to roleplay with them. Sometimes, one character may have a cameo appearance in the story of another, because most of my characters live in the same 'world' together, and I enjoy roleplaying multiple characters at once on occasion. If you find one of these characters interesting, please send me a message and we can work on figuring out a setting and basic plot. Character information will be updated as their stories progress. You can find my character descriptions and references in my character thread here:

    Tsimmu's Character Reference

    However, this does not mean that I won't make a new character under any circumstances! I realize these characters are a little restricted to their own world and time period, so I am very willing to make new characters if the situation calls for it. I will make minor and side characters and play multiple characters when the story calls for it.

    Character Availability:

    Neon (Available)

    Reference Image (open)

    Marcel LeBlanc (Available)

    (Reference Coming)

    Ravier (Unavailable - In Play)

    Reference Images (open)

    Tala (Available)

    (Reference Coming)

    Fiolana Rizzo (Available)

    (Reference Coming)

    Thank you and happy roleplaying!
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  2. Still looking for partners please.
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  3. Still on the partner hunt.
  4. No takers at all? I promise I don't bite... hard.
  5. I'm probably too scary. I think I scare people away.
  6. I might be down to RP if you are. I have a scenario in mind but it'll call for fresh, unused characters.
  7. Awesome! Any other takers out there?
  8. I think I might be interested :o
    Only problem being that i'm lame about making up interesting plots but it could work if we decided to collaborate with characters or whateva
  9. Hey, I am completely game for anything at this point. Send me a message and we can discuss.
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