i learned what a hashtag is

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  1. so i was wondering why every news station had this # thing going on at the bottom of the screen

    been wondering about it for like a year

    you have have noticed i am using a lot of hashtags in my posts now

    thats because my wife revealed to me what this whole social media hashtag thing was a week ago

    never knew about this nonsense

    i still think its silly

    ergo, i will inundate iwaku with nonsensical hashtags

    weirdly enough, you people seem to like it and wish these hashtags are real

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  2. Welcome to 2006, Raz.


  4. The fact hashtag has become a friggin' buzzword in everyday pop culture is annoying. Even the radio's over doing it.

    "Why is your phone beeping?"
    "Gettin' my hashtag on! Social guru."
    "That's a pound sign, not a hashtag!"

    Cue cheerful jingle to close commercial. Fucking cut that shit out.
  5. #######################

    I just meta'd everyone's minds.


  6. Whatever you are smoking, Razzle Dazzle, I want some of it.
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  7. #TeamOldPeople #computerwhiz #weblingo

  8. Come to my house sunday. I get a new shipment
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  9. Congratulations on becoming socially relevant. As modern popular culture is a fucking cesspit, it's my great pleasure to welcome you to the gradual lobotomisation of your soul.

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  10. #razislame
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  11. I liked it better when # was just the number sign. Nowadays it's approaching levels of overuse and abuse previously only known by the comma.

    Poor little number sign. :cry:

  12. Stop talking about my leg. It was a sporting accident. How insensitive can you be?

  13. I'll be there to get a dime sack off of you.

    Heh heh
    You said sack
  15. Now I really want some of your supply. :D
  16. Hurrhurr