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Will you be my acquaintance, my friend, my partner?

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  1. Moshi moshi, Iwaku members. I am MaryGoldRound, but you already knew that. Just call me Mary please, fun fact, it's my nickname in real life. Anyway, I'm not new to roleplaying, but I am new to this site. And I'm looking for roleplaying partners. Here is what I want.

    1. You have to have decent grammatical and spelling skills. Not everyone is perfect, yes, I'm looking at myself. But, I do want to be able to read the post without confusion. As long as you do your best, so will I. In other words, be literate.
    2. Be able to post at least once a week. I know how people are busy, I myself am busy with school other things. So, if you could just do once a week. That would be nice.
    3. Make plots. I like plots and make a bunch myself! I want to be able to brainstorm with you and come up with fun and exciting roleplays.
    4. You have to able to play multiple characters. It'd make things easier. Even if they just are NPCs.
    5. Roleplay in small groups. It's not necessarily a must, especially considering I'd like to be able to roleplay in PMs. But, it would be nice to have you along with a few others do a group roleplay.
    6. MxF with me only. I only do MxF, I don't discriminate. I just can't do any other, nor do I care to try.
    7. I primarily play females. I can play male. I just prefer female. Please, and thank you.
    8. My main genres are: Romance, Friendship, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci-fi, Action, Angst and I can do horror. I prefer to have romance in almost every roleplay.
    9. No senseless lemons and limes, please. Nor insta-love. I prefer to let everything take their sweet time.
    10. And, I prefer doing anime styled roleplays! But I can also do realistic characters.
    Okay, that's all that's important to me, really. If you feel like you can get with it, please do say! I'm desperate for partners and roleplays! And if there's anything you have to your standards, I'm all ears.

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  2. You seem quite perfect in description. Aside from ten, but I can work with that! Your list of rules is something I have many similarities with. I also enjoy plots, and romance, and other stuff. I really like plots. So tell me....
    I swear that I'm not weird this is just nervous comedy ;_;
  3. Indeed you seem to be perfect a partner i'll pm you some ideas tonight.
  4. A lot of my partners have gone dark and every group I've joined have also gone dark. Are you into Cop Stories at all?
  5. Hi, I'm new to roleplaying, can you help me start off?
  6. @LeRagester Awesome, Pm and we can discuss something! We don't have to do face claims, I just to do them.

    @kingdomkeylight I'll be anticipating it!

    @Huston Ward Pm me and we can discuss something.
  7. I haven't done a cop story before. But I'm always willing to try one. PM and we can talk over it.
  8. Anime styled roleplay? Detail? MxF only?

    I've come to the right place! I haven't been on the site in ages, but I'd like to kick off my 'welcome back' party by roleplaying with ya! What do ya say?
  9. I say; Hell yeah! Pm and we can talk about it! :D
  10. You've already got quite a lot of offers, but if it doesn't hurt I'd love to rp with you. ♥
  11. Don't worry, I can still take ou on :D As I always say, we can talk in Pms.
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