i know my soul's freezing [SIGN-UPS, wip]


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This was not a job for everyone.

This wasn't a job you found scrolling through some job hunting website in the middle of the night praying one jumped out to you. It never did. There was nothing there to catch your attention like a really nice pay for all the days if not months you would spend on site. There was no allure of a day that never quite looked like the last, or at least one where everyday was interesting in some way. No. This was not a job that jumped out at you, but rather a job that you jumped for. It didn't fit your lifestyle, yours always fit it. No one wants to be a fire lookout.

You just want to run away.

From what? Anything. Everyone is running from something here. Whether it be a broken marriage, drugs, or a life left in shambles, there was always a reason why people jumped at the chance to be a fire outlook. To be completely cut off from all civilization for weeks if not months on end. To be pelted with the harsh summer rays and the high temperatures it brought with it. After all, no one simply volunteers to be alone in the middle of the woods simply to volunteer. Whatever it may be that drove you here is frankly irrelevant. So long as you do your job well, that's all that matters.

Your job is to look out for any signs of a wildfire in your zone. Not only that but monitor your zone regularly for any signs of illegal activity. If anything seems suspicious, radio it in and go investigate. If things seem dangerous, run. Never leave anywhere without your walkie, without it you are completely alone. Keep it on station 3. Anything besides that is static. You've been given basic tools to survive and climb in the mountains, use it wisely. There are biweekly cache drops in the designated zones.

Oh, and those voices you hear at night or on a hike? It's just the wind.


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Things were good.

You had settled into your new life of seclusion with the only form of communication being a radio to the three other watch towers in the surrounding area. The newness of the job had begun to wear off and the terrain started to become more and more familiar by the day. It was nice being alone for once. It had just started to feel like home.

That's when it started.

At first it was just a feeling at the back of your neck. A whisper on the breeze that you were being watched. A simple look over the shoulder came up with nothing. I'm fine, there's nothing there, you told yourself, stop worrying. Soon enough, ignoring it was simple enough. Until it wasn't. Things started going missing. At first it was just a misplaced journal, lost maps, etc. Then it turned into missing shoes and tampered with gear. It just kept building and building along with your paranoia.

That is until you saw them. The exact people who were doing this to you.

And your life would never be the same.
plot summary


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i. all the basic xanje rules apply
ii. if you're going to leave!!! let me or prompto know!!! we can just pretend like your character's radio cut out and you can pick back up whenever you return.
iii. this thread will contain a lot of mature themes like violence, gore, swearing, etc. so if that's not your cup of tea then this thread won't be either.
iv. that being said however, let's keep spicy scenes somewhere else though it's pretty hard considering each character is like... miles apart from another
v. if you ever lose interest in this thread just let me or prompt know!!! we completely understand!!!
please have fun ;u;
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teddy phillips - thirty - male - lunafreya
graham 'prior' columbus - thirty-nine - male - promptography
hera kore pachis - age - female - inej
name - age - gender - altai


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FULL NAME theodore phillips
NICKNAME(S) theo, teddy
- gender identity: cisgender male
- preferred pronouns: he/him
AGE thirty
- birth date: june 22
- height 6'0"
- hair black, cleanly faded on the sides with a growing thick beard
- eye color chestnut brown
- weight 212lbs
- body modifications none, however there are some nasty scars here and there that he doesn't want to talk about
- other

POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS parental, charismatic, allocentric,
NEUTRAL PERSONALITY TRAITS patient, observant (when he's not shitfaced), intuitive,
NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS obstinate, self-destructive, self-sacrificial, secretive, allusive,


HISTORY life wasn't the best for theo growing up.
- birthplace: asheville, north carolina
- parents: deandre phillips and mary walker
- siblings: none, only child
- other kin: two daughters: anyia and sara, aged 7 and 5 respectively. both, however, are deceased as of two years ago.

SEXUALITY pansexual

- dadTM​
- actually the best father you could ever hope of having
- dad jokes? on point.
- will roast you in a heartbeat but it's all out of love
- actually doesn't understand modern technology
- "HOW DO YOU VIDEO??? oh it's already on???? nice."
- will always lend you a shoulder to cry on and v solid advice
- until 9pm on the dot
- has a mild severe alcohol problem
- keeps it very wrapped up and away from prying eyes
- doesn't know how to deal with destructive emotions so he turns to something even more destructive to drown out the pain
- scared he's turning into his father
- still celebrates his wife and kid's birthdays and his anniversary
- became a fire lookout to escape the public eye
- has a strong distaste for news reporters
- the only time you'll ever see him mad is when he talks about new reporters
- never mad??? abnormally patient
- yes that is a badly painted unicorn on his desk, it's his daughters
- oof still references his wife and kids like they're still alive
- loves plants?? used to be tons of houseplants before... yea.
- actually the animal whisperer. those deer around his station??? they're his does.
- has chronic insomnia
- "ohh? the liquor helps me sleep"
- "grahm and I are bff's :))))" the sound of loud but muffled disagreement can be heard in the background
- "hey, how you doin'? well i'm doing just fine- I lied i'm dying inside"
- will adopt everyone on spot

FACECLAIM jarod joseph
PLOT IDEAS too many ;)))

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lmao try him bich
- gender identity: Male
- preferred pronouns: He/Him/His
AGE 39 years
- birth date: 13th of January

“I like to be alone. I like to drive somewhere, park the car and go for a long walk and sit by a mountain with a good view. I think ‘If I go there no one will ever find me again’, and I like this kind of thought.”

- height 6'
- hair Slowly graying from his natural chestnut brown. He's been through enough shit to accept that he may be ageing. He usually will comb his hair to the side but otherwise it really just goes over his eyes.
- eye color Hazel! Always watery.
- weight 181 lbs
- body modifications An earring on his right earlobe. Got it when he was like 15.
- other he wears breezy summer shirts in extremely hot weather. no black t shirts like usual, just chill dad tourist shirts. seen whenever fishing or dying in heat. you should see him when he fishes though, dresses like a professional.

POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS Sentimental, Generous, Accepting, Open Minded, Ambitious, Reliable, Calm, Collected, Brilliant, Sharp Witted, Selfless, Expressive
NEUTRAL PERSONALITY TRAITS Independent, Cautious, Secretive, Perfectionist, Wise, Assertive, Ordinary, Rarely smiles genuinely whoops, Graceful~
NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS Capricious, Impatient, Blunt, Grumpy, Cunning, Gloomy, Haunted, Nostalgic, Curt

LIKES Solitary areas, Reading, Unhealthy amounts of coffee, Biographies over fiction, Bears, Murder mysteries, Rainy days, Winter, Heavy Metal, His big Saint Bernard boi back home named Tank, His niece, The occasional cigarette, Fishing, Country Music, The stars
DISLIKES Too much TV, Science Fiction, Soft Ice Cream, Spiders, The taste of fish, Hot weather, Laziness, Loud noises in the night, Oil spills, Obviously forest fires

HISTORY Used to be a detective, got discharged unfairly after a case got out of hand. Been working as a fire watch volunteer for roughly 4-5 years, on and off.
- birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
- parents: Felix Columbus, Martha Columbus
- siblings: Younger brother named Abel and a younger sister named Ivora
- other kin: His niece Camille. Loves her to death and sees her every Winter.

SEXUALITY Bisexual (hes really on the fence about that whole thing)
TURN ONS Confidence, Independence, Level Headed, Kind, Respectful, Health, Care, How well they take care of themselves, A love for dogs, Acceptance, Really smooth voices and Intelligence
TURN OFFS Invasive people, Laziness, Indecisiveness, Greasy Hair, Really he's not certain since he's been far from anything romantic for a while

- Grumpy Mc Grumpison
- Prefers to sleep late
- Veteran Firewatcher, been in this job for too long now.
- Might have gotten somebody killed back in the day.
- There isn't even real proof other than circumstantial proof.
- Still has his badge hidden somewhere in his tower.
- Is allergic to gluten but he still chances it.
- An old bitch boy
- Shouldn't smoke considering his situation but ayyy
- Loves fishing so much
- Makes his own tackle
- Prefers to throw back fish rather than keep them
- Really loves burgers from McDonald's
- Scary when he's impatient
- Adores the Evil Dead series
- Needs more sleep
- Loves Resident Evil because he actually has played it.
- His niece is his world
- Really needs a haircut but last time he cut his hair...
- Heavy metal runs his life
- Big fan of Metallica and bands that use heavy rock music
- 'Fuck off Janet, I'm not going to your fucking baby shower'
- Watched Supernatural and cried once.
- Horror Movie fanatic
- A Garbage Disposal
- Doesn't know what a dab is
- Country music is gold
- Amazing at Wii Bowling
- Rarely swears, but when he does it's wild.
- oh my god they were roommates...
- All he wears are;
leather jackets, flannel, black shirts, jeans and belts
- He's not a fashion guru
- Will proudly watch cooking channels
- Hates the sound of fireworks
- Drives a black Chevy
- Graham crackers
- 'i think godzilla is a beautiful man'
- 'not the fucking minions'
- His phone won't stop freezing but he refuses to buy a new one
- no homo. BUT LIKE-
- I'm pretty sure you can find him on tiktok.
- His niece put him on there because he was dancing to Pina Colada
- He owns a Supreme hoodie.
- His brother got it for him and he doesn't know its power.
- 'I CANT FIND IT' 'my happiness'
- His voice is so so smooth and fancy
- His sister is god knows where, probably Australia
- Theo really needs to stop making deer puns, Graham ain't a fawn of them
- Come fishing with him please. Let him show you constellations.

FACECLAIM Mads Mikkelsen
PLOT IDEAS oh baby ya'll in for it.
OTHER He's been in this rodeo for far too long

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FULL NAME hera kore pachis.
NICKNAME(S) few call her pachi, but most use her first name. she isn't familiar with anyone to have a real nickname.
GENDER female
- gender identity: cisgender female
- preferred pronouns: she/her
AGE twenty-three
- birth date: november 15th.
- height 5'07"
- hair hera's hair is dyed a silver-blue, naturally it's a dark brown.
- eye color dark green.
- weight 120 lbs
- body modifications hera has four piercings in her left ear and two in her right. she doesn't often wear earrings in them.
- other n/a.

POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS loyal, dedicated, determined, protective, strategic, compassionate.
NEUTRAL PERSONALITY TRAITS casual, sarcastic, deceptive, proud, neutral, stubborn.
NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS manipulative, obsessive, solemn, self-sacrificing, merciless, cold.

LIKES sunsets, music that makes you want to dance, fucking dragons, dogs, sweets, flowers, pretty daggers, the night sky, stories, fireplaces, fall weather.
spiders, hot days, sour foods, taverns, math.

HISTORY hera's past changes with every retelling, not that she does that often. she tells people her mother was an accountant or a school teacher, and that her father was a police officer or a librarian. on some occasions she'll tell people she was born to a greek immigrant and an unknown mother in manhattan. this isn't too far from the truth. her father wasn't even aware he had a daughter until her mother left her on his doorstep and vanished one night. her dad wasn't a bad dad, but he also wasn't the best. they lived in athens up until the time she was seven and he was arrested for something no one will tell her about. from there, she was shipped off to live with her distant aunt maria in astoria. her aunt wasn't a bad woman, just old. she'd constantly forget hera's name, or that she was even in charge of hera. on more than one occasion hera had to break into the home because maria had locked her out and never given her a key. her mind was slipping before hera was old enough to truly understand what was happening.
while her aunt was off reliving her past, hera fell in with a more... adventurous crowd. they were kind of dicks, but they watched out for each other and it was more of a family than hera had ever experienced. hera was quickly became labeled as a "menace to society" by the time she reached her last year of school. she never really minded the title. she had plans to go to university and get a good paying job far away from everything when her aunt had an unfortunate accident. she had come home from school one day to find her aunt had taken a fatal fall in the shower. she picked up this job not long after.
- birthplace: athens, greece.
- parents: markos pachis - father.
- siblings: n/a.
- other kin: maria bennett - aunt.

SEXUALITY panromantic pansexual
LOVE INTEREST(S) none - open for plotting.
TURN ONS deep voice, smooth skin, guys taller than her, girls shorter than her, high heels, dark eyes, red lipstick, rose perfume, can dance, holding her and reading to her until she falls asleep, well-read.
TURN OFFS shrill voice, too short hair, no sense of humor, not romantic, hates books, no sense of adventure, face piercings.

- defiantly doesn't have mental music videos
- pretty damn good at singing (and not a half bad dancer)
- moves with a crazy scary grace
- did someone say bad puns and commitment issues?
- loves simple jewelry
- abandoned as a pup, she was found by muriel, who lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, eustace bagge
- never buys her own drinks
- emotionally constipated
- "sorry i'm late, i didn't want to come"
- will do anything for money
- wants money so she can have a kickass personal library and a bunch of pets
- literally will not talk about her past like ever
- *air horn sound*
- *second air horn sound*
- "this isn't deodorant."
- "we survive like women."
- the risk she took was calculated
- but man, is she bad at math

FACECLAIM kimmy schram.
PLOT IDEAS not at the moment, sorry!
OTHER n/a.



chaotic neutral
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FULL NAME fox kazane takamori
NICKNAMES surprisingly, most people referred to her as takamori, though it was likely due to the environment she was raised in
SEX female
- gender identity: cis girl
- preferred pronouns: feminine
AGE 21 years old
- birthdate: january 30th
- height: 5 feet 5 inches
- hair: blazing strawberry blonde with a wavy texture
- eye color: maple brown
- weight: 135 pounds
- body modifications: she has this tattoo on the top of her left thigh
- other: she's got lots of scars, such as the one cutting through her side right above her right hip bone, the one on the bottom of her chin, and the scar through her left palm in between her index finger and her thumb

POSITIVE TRAITS humorous, hardworking, determined, courageous, intuitive, strategic, intelligent, reactive
NEUTRAL TRAITS carefree, distanced, stubborn, odd, unsettling, protective, observant, impulsive
NEGATIVE TRAITS quiet, aggressive, delusional, blunt, aloof, childish, defensive, cunning

LIKES cats, outer space, classical music, clean bed sheets, natural lighting, succulent plants, netflix documentaries, strawberries, boating, large libraries, local shops or restaurants, neutral colors, city lights
DISLIKES alleyways, loud noises, big crowds of people, snowstorms, feeling sleepy, long car drives, greasy food, romantic comedy movies, sandy feet, being tricked or surprised, bossy people, being blindfolded, small rooms

HISTORY ** trigger warning for sexual abuse, implied physical abuse, abortion, suicide, and mentions of ptsd **
fox was a mistake created by a prostitute and a mafia boss. she was dropped off at her father's doorstep with an index card stating her name and specific instructions to never find fox's mother again. she was raised as a part of her father's gang and was forced to participate in their activities ever since she was at the mere age of 5 years old. that was when she received her tattoo, identifying her as one of the sex workers in her father's gang.

her job for as long as she could remember was to be a sex doll for whoever wanted her. she was assaulted so much it became her normal, she was a prize to be won for a job well done or in order for her father to receive a cartel of drugs. after fox matured into a young women, the issue of her fertility was presented after one of her father's clients impregnated her. she was forced to abort the baby in a inhumane manner in order to keep her father's gang under wraps.

after years of enduring the pain of working for her father, fox attempted to commit suicide when she was 15 years old. however, she was found by a boy around her age and was taken to the hospital. this turn of events led to the exposure of her father's gang and their imprisonment, which in turn led fox to being placed in foster care, where she struggled with the ptsd of her entire life. as soon as she hit 18 years old, fox fled and hopped from state to state before accepting a job as a fire lookout when she was 20 years old.
- birthplace: santa cruz, california
- parents: her mother is unknown and her father is touma ito
- siblings: n/a
- other kin: n/a

SEXUALITY demi-pansexual demi-panromantic
TURN ONS gentle, strong hands, pretty smile, curly hair, tanned skin, muscled, similar interests
TURN OFFS loud, extremely dominating, possessive, rough, bad hygiene, an addict

- kinda shuts down when she gets triggered
- literally couldn't give two shits if she died
- takes her job v seriously though
- self destructive tendencies
- needs someone good to take care of her
- hates being a damsel in distress
- can't go anywhere in public alone
- paranoid af
- will never go back to santa cruz
- can't stand the smell of alcohol
- the prettiest crier you've ever seen
- sensitive to anything cold on her teeth
- doesn't move at all when she sleeps
- ticklish on her sides
- the kinda wild to dance in a thunderstorm
- has no sense of caution
- *deep breath* FRECKLES

FACECLAIM devon aoki
OTHER ly all